Hands on: Olloclip iPhone 4/4S/5 Case enhances your iPhoneography skills

Olloclip’s new case eliminates the one big problem with their 3-in-1 lens in an elegant and clever way.

Fans of iPhoneography have already embraced the Olloclip, a Kickstarter-funded 3-in-1 lens for iPhones and iPod touches. Last year the accessory launched for the iPhone 4 and 4S and this year an iPhone 5 version is available. That’s not all the good news, though. Olloclip announced a new case at this year’s CES that will make shooting with the lens a hundred times easier. iPhone users with cases crrently have to remove them in order to use the Olloclip, so the company developed a simple case with a notch around the camera area. This notch flips up, making room for the lens and moving into a position that will allow you to use it as a trigger for the shutter. A second piece of the case, which fits on the bottom of the phone, adds tripod mounts for both portrait and landscape orientations. When you don’t need it, just tuck it away and you have a normal, lightweight case.

We love how clever and useful this case is, and we like that Olloclip solved the one major problem with their product after getting user feedback. The case will be out for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 by the end of March. No word on pricing yet.