CES 2010: Tablets, eReaders, 3D TV Technology Put the Conference Back in Business

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qualcomm-mirasolQualcomm Mirasol

This is a display technology that could change the mobile world as we know it. Right now there are two big problems with products like iPhones, smart tablets, smartbooks, netbooks, and eBooks. If the display is ePaper (eBooks) it can’t do color or multimedia, if it is LCD (most everything else), it uses way too much power and sucks for reading. The Mirasol from Qualcomm, currently in production and rumored to be in the next Kindle, uses micro-mirrors and uses the low power of ePaper while having the multimedia capability of LCD. It is also very readable since it is transflective (uses external light). This display, if it can scale up, could transform displays on most mobile devices, not to mention displays in other industries. Currently it is only in a 5” form factor, but if they can scale it up, this thing could do amazing things the least of which is to cause eBooks and tablets to merge into a single device. An iPhone-like device with this technology could be wonderful.

msi-jellowMSI Builds Better iMac

MSI has been doing some wonderful work of late, but arguably the best looking all-in-one computer at the show was the MSI Jellow. Not only is it stunning, but the mouse can also be used as a VOIP phone handset and the keyboard nests in a pocket that results when you slide the screen up and open a hidden compartment. The picture really doesn’t do the device justice, as it truly is stunning. MSI is increasingly surprising me with aggressive designs and interesting products.

nvidia-logoNVIDIA Owns 3D

3D was all over CES 2010, but I’m still having trouble getting around the concept of the glasses for movies and TV shows. I went back and looked at the ramp for color TVs and found out it took 16 years to get started and required Disney to launch Disney’s Wonderful World of Color before folks actually bought the sets. You didn’t need expensive glasses to see color. But for gaming, 3D is marvelous and if you already have 3D for gaming, reusing the glasses for movies and TV isn’t a problem NVIDIA, who showcased the strongest 3D demonstration encompassing both media and gaming, may be the key to the success of this effort.


This was just off the wall geeky and cool. Have you ever watched the military drones they use in places like Iraq and wanted your own? Well the AR.Drone is your own personal drone and, like a real drone, it is relatively intelligent, allowing it to hover in place and follow things without someone actually having to fly it. It can be controlled with an iPhone, and will send the video from one of the two drone cameras to the iPhone screen, and with two of them you could have a ball with chasing and battle games in real space, whil with the other one you could spy on your pets or annoy your spouse. This thing was just incredibly fun to watch. Want to check out what is making all that noise in your neighbor’s yard? Check this out.

Wrapping Up

CES 2010 was absoluely great, and I had a ball. There were cool toys from a number of vendors that I wanted, in some cases really badly, and they even had a flying robot (the AR.Drone) that would likely land me in a lot of trouble (safety is overrated). Long story short: CES is back, my friends, and it is back with a vengeance. I can hardly wait until next year’s show!

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