Yes, Apple is slowing down your old iPhone. But if you’re angry, you’re crazy

Yes, your old iPhone may get slower as the battery begins to reach the end of its life. You’re mad about this, but not because you weren’t told. It’s because it has taken away the best excuse to upgrade your phone.
Movies & TV

‘The Last Jedi’ is unlike any Star Wars film, and that’s what makes it so Star Wars

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ defies expectations, but that’s exactly what makes it a great ‘Star Wars’ film. Be warned – spoilers here, there are.

Adidas throws in the towel on fitness devices

Adidas is closing its digital sports division, signaling a move away from fitness devices and a new focus on enhancing its software offerings. Past efforts included the Smart Run and Fit Smart, but they failed to make an impact.

Olympus M. Zuiko F1.2 Pro lenses prove there’s life left in Micro Four Thirds

With great image quality, rich character, and professional build quality, the M. Zuiko F1.2 Pro lenses impress. But can the Micro Four Thirds format keep up?

Why gaming on MacOS is dead forever and never coming back

Mac gaming is dying. It withers day by day. Who is responsible for the current, sorry state of gaming on MacOS? It turns out there’s plenty of blame to go around.

We geeked out in Akihabara to see if it’s still a tech fan’s dream

Has Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan been completely overtaken by all things manga and anime, or is it still a tech-fan’s dream? We visited to find out -- and discovered it’s a vibrant, exciting mix of both.
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Do you really want Alexa buying your socks? Why voice assistants suck at shopping

According to new research from the Consumer Technology Association, the trade group behind the enormous CES electronics show, one in five U.S. shoppers (19 percent!) will use smart assistants and smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google…

Keep drooling. It’ll be a while until you can afford the future of shoes

Some sneakers lace themselves while others are made from light or 3D-printed but unfortunately, the next generation of kicks are overpriced and underproduced. Here's why the future of sneakers is out of reach for most people.

Do players really like loot boxes, or are game publishers forcing them on us?

EA earned the most downvoted comment in Reddit history for its defense of ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’s in-game economy. Loot boxes and their ilk are fundamentally reshaping the economics of video games. Should you be worried?

Why is Intel into GPUs now? It was about to get stomped

PC geeks were shocked to learn Intel has hired Raja Koduri, the former lead of AMD’s graphics team. The move has major consequences not only for Intel and AMD, but everyone interested in PCs, and it will change the next computer you buy.

Email spam is about to get way worse, and you can blame MailChimp

MailChimp doesn't seem to think double opt-in is a good idea for mailing lists anymore -- and that's probably bad news for your inbox.

Opinion: iPhone X? Nah. Here’s why I’m recommending the iPhone 6S

Wondering whether you need the iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus? Digital Trends’ editor-in-chief Jeremy Kaplan says you’re probably fine buying the much more affordable, but still excellent, iPhone 6S.