Get rid of your jacket quiver, this hi-tech 686 GLCR works for every sport

Spring is here — that beautiful but annoying time of year when you can’t quite get comfortable. Thankfully, the apparel brand 686 just launched a new three-season jacket meant to address this very problem. Dubbed the GLCR Paclite Multi Jacket, 686’s latest release is a brand-new, high-tech piece of apparel specifically designed to kill it in the winter, spring, and fall alike.

Built for owners to wear it skiing or snowboarding in the burliest, iciest conditions, it also packs down to the size of a light, 16-ounce ball for use during biking, hiking, or backpacking, too. According to 686 vice president of marketing, Brent Sandor, many companies market jackets as a do-everything option but it’s the Multi’s ability to perform in snow which truly sets it apart.

686 glcr paclite all season jacket 686jacket

“A lot of jackets may be multi-season, but they typically fall short when it comes to winter and being on the snow,” said Sandor. “The GLCR Multi still retains the same lightweight and packable quality you look for in a multi-season jacket, but it’s built with features to withstand more than just timid weather. [It] has the durability and technical features you absolutely need when you’re at a resort or skinning the backcountry, but it’s also built to work on your bike in the rain, hiking or simply on an adventure in a new city.”

One of the biggest tech features contributing to the GLCR (pronounced “glacier”) Multi’s versatility is an internal system of straps which perform like a mini-backpack harness for the jacket, allowing wearers to remove it quickly but keep it attached to your back. This means if users want to dump heat quickly, they simply take the jacket off while the Cross Strap System keeps it ready for easy-access back on.

Another crossover feature is the fit itself which is shorter and more tailored than a typical ski or snowboard jacket. This gives it better mobility off the snow while still leaving ample room for layering during cold ascents. It’s equipped with 2-Layer GORE-TEX Paclite fabric which keeps wearers warm, breathes well, and is portable enough to pack down into a tiny stuff sack that’s included in the purchase.

“Overall, it takes the best of what we do in winter and applies it to a much more mobile, lightweight and versatile shell,” said Sandor. “This is the one jacket they can buy, right now that will get them through their spring skiing as well as rainy treks, and then can be used during off-snow adventures over the summer and fall before it takes them all the way through next winter.”

The 686 GLCR Paclite Multi Jacket retails for $300, with the brand offering its versatile jacket in either black or red.