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Amazfit promises 45 days of battery life from its $99 smartwatch

Plenty of companies have tried to replicate the success of the Apple Watch, but so far most have fallen well short. But a new option from Amazfit looks to compete with Apple’s popular timepiece in two areas where it is most vulnerable: Price and battery life.

The Amazfit Bip includes all of the standard features you have come to expect from a modern smartwatch, including GPS tracking, an optical heart rate sensor, and notifications beamed over from your smartphone. It also has an always-on 1.28-inch color touchscreen, a built-in compass and barometer to measure changes in direction and elevation, and a three-axis accelerometer to precisely keep track of movement.

All of that technology is wrapped up in a surprisingly thin and lightweight package that tips the scales at 1.1 ounces. Despite its diminutive stature, however, the Bip carries an IP68 rating, which means it is dust and waterproof. A layer of 2.5D Corning gorilla glass protects the screen from damage as well.

Powered by its own proprietary operating system, the Amazfit Bip won’t compete with the likes of watchOS or Android Wear in terms of app compatibility or features. That said, however, it does include options for tracking your running and cycling workouts, including offering mapped routes and fairly detailed stats of your performance. The watch can receive notifications from apps like Twitter and Facebook and even has an array of customizable faces. It can even do basic sleep tracking, something the Apple Watch doesn’t offer.

Where the Bip truly has the potential to shine is with its battery life. Amazfit claims that its 190mAh battery can keep the watch running for up to 30 days with “regular use” and for as much as 45 days if users limit the number of notifications they receive. That is a far cry from Apple’s latest model, which needs to be recharged every day or two under the best of conditions.

The Bip is one of the more cost-friendly smartwatches available, carrying a price tag of just $99. That makes it an accessible product for someone who is looking for an entry-level wearable that offers nice features without investing a lot of cash.

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Garmin’s Quatix 6X uses transparent solar panel to hit 24 days of battery life
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The solar charging tech is a smart addition. It's transparent and lives in the display, meaning that you won't actually see a solar panel -- as you might have on old solar-powered calculators. Users will be able to see how much energy they're getting from the sun, as well. The watch features a time indicator to show how much sun the watch has been exposed to.

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Amazfit’s T-Rex smartwatch is so tough, it would take dino-mite to break it
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The Amazfit T-Rex smartwatch is built to take on the toughest challenges, which may (or may not) include surviving dinosaur attacks, should one take you by surprise. Either way, this is one durable watch, and Huami -- the company behind the brand -- has been taking notes on design from one company that knows how to build a strong watch: Casio. Amazfit has already proven it doesn’t have a problem aping popular designs with the Apple Watch lookalike Amazfit GTS, and with the T-Rex, has clearly drawn inspiration from popular G-Shock models like the GA-110 and GA-700.

The thing is, can it compete with not only Casio’s superb range of ultra-tough watches, but also other tough smartwatches? We’ve grappled with the T-Rex for a short time to find out.
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Star Wars Amazfit smartwatch says train you must, because Vader’s watching
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You probably associate Amazfit smartwatches, and therefore Huami, the company that makes them, with cheap-and-cheerful alternatives to the Apple Watch or Google WearOS smartwatches. While this is accurate, the company has a desirable special edition about to launch in China that will have Star Wars fans seeking one out from a friendly importer.

Based on the recently announced Amazfit Stratos 3, which is also known as the Smart Sports Watch 3, the Star Wars edition adds some sci-fi design cool to the otherwise heavily fitness-orientated wearable. Interestingly, it even adapts the Star Wars branding to fit in with the sports theme, with some unusual motivational messages on the strap.

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