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Check out this pure-carbon electric skateboard

What happens when two great companies become partners? They make something better. That is exactly what has happened with the 121C Arc Aileron, a lightweight, pure-carbon electric skateboard.

For this collaboration, Arc Boards has taken its original design and replaced the deck with 121C Boards‘ deck made entirely out of carbon fiber. The result is a bigger, sturdier, yet lighter electric skateboard. While the original Arc Board may have felt cramped for inexperienced riders, the 121C Arc Aileron provides plenty of room.

The Aileron deck from 121C is a cruiser class skate deck made entirely out of aerospace-grade carbon fiber, which is the same material used to build rockets and fighter jets. Its shape also features a subtle upslope along the profile that keeps the board flat and firm rather than dipping in like other boards. The edges also slope upward down the center line. This centers the rider’s weight for added stability and leverage while turning.

Arc Boards has added their technology to the Aileron deck to make it one of the best electric skateboards around. It features a brushless DC 5065 Outrunner with 1,815 watts of power. This can hold up to 264 pounds with a top speed of 22 miles per hour and can go uphill at a 22 percent incline. The lithium ion battery lasts up to 11 miles on a single charge and is ready to go again in 1.5 hours. Other features include water resistance, regenerative braking, lights, and a total weight of 9.5 pounds.

Controlling the electric skateboard is a small wireless remote. Two AA batteries are all it takes to control the board for up to six months. Riders can power forward or reverse and brake when needed.

Anyone interested can find the 121C Arc Aileron on Kickstarter for the discounted price of $930. Delivery is scheduled for June where the final retail price will be $1,073.

Update 4/2/2017 by Jeremy Kaplan: Changed the title to reflect that this is not the “world’s first” pure-carbon board, as the company’s Kickstarter page had originally claimed.

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