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Atomic built its stiffest alpine ski boot while shedding all the excess weight

Having stiff boots is important when it comes to controlling your skis. In a general sense, the more rigid the boot, the more power is transferred to the ski’s inside edge. However, all this rigidity can mean heavier boots.

Atomic has somehow done the opposite with its  Hawx Ultra 130. Not only is this the stiffest boot in their Hawx Ultra range, it’s also the lightest ski boot Atomic has produced. This means your feet can remain agile as you make your way down the mountain. All it took was a completely new way of thinking about ski boot design.

Atomic achieved this lightweight design thanks to a new progressive shell that cuts material and thickness where it is not needed. Then, an asymmetric backbone provides additional reinforcement in key areas. This results in a boot that is 25 percent lighter than any other boot Atomic has designed.

Atomic’s ski boots product manager Matt Manser came up with the idea after developing their Backland touring boot. “We learned a lot developing our lightweight Backland boot last year, including how to create a lighter shell that stays strong,” he said. “We’ve now married this know-how with the best bits of Hawx and our racing expertise. It keeps your feet incredibly light and agile when you’re ripping down the mountain.”

Other features include the ability to fully customize the fit. All three parts of the boot (the shell cuff, and liner) can be personalized to provide a better fit. The boots also feature the new Memory Fit 3D Liner. This has heel and ankle areas that have been pre-shaped and are thermo-formable. What this means is the absence of pressure points and unmatched foothold.

The Hawx Ultra 130 retail for $700 and can be found near you using the Atomic dealer locator.

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