The best coolers for 2019

From camping to road trips, these are the best coolers available

best coolersFrom a casual weekend tailgate to an extended hunting trip in the backcountry, there are many situations where a high-quality cooler can come in handy. The Yeti Tundra Haul takes home top honors in this category, in part because it is easy to lug around, although it also scores major points for being nearly indestructible. It doesn’t hurt that it can keep your favorite beverages cold for days at a time either.

If a Yeti cooler is a bit outside your price range, there are plenty of other great options to choose from. With literally hundreds of options available, we’ve sorted through the top contenders and made our picks for the best options for every budget and need. These are our favorite coolers for the busy summer season ahead, whether you’re a casual outdoor enthusiast, a serious camper, or a dedicated hunter.

At a glance

Product Category
Yeti Tundra Haul Best overall
Coolest Cooler Best cooler for glamping
Otterbox Venture 65 Best rugged cooler
Hydro Flask 22 L Soft Cooler Pack Best softpack cooler
Igloo Iceless 28 Best electric cooler
Igloo Marine Ultra 48 Best budget cooler
RovR RollR 65 Best cooler system
LiddUp Party Bar Best cooler for parties
IceCo iFreezer Go20 Best for car camping

Yeti Tundra Haul

The best overall

best coolers yeti tundra haul

Why you should buy this cooler: Yeti’s incredibly durable coolers are more mobile than ever thanks to the addition of rugged wheels.

Who it’s for? Anyone who needs a high performance, ultra-rugged cooler that they can take with them anywhere.

How much will it cost? $400

Why we chose the Yeti Tundra Haul cooler:

By now everyone knows that Yeti builds some of the most durable and efficient coolers on the market, allowing campers, anglers, and hunters to keep ice frozen for days on end. Those same characteristics are part of what makes the Tundra Haul so great, but this cooler also holds the distinction of being the first Yeti to come with a set of wheels built right in. This makes it far more portable than its predecessors, which were often too heavy and unwieldy to carry too far off the beaten path.

As you would expect from Yeti, the Tundra Haul’s NeverFlat tires are extremely durable, resisting punctures and impacts with ease. Those wheels are paired nicely with a rugged aluminum handle that  can track left or right as needed, making it much easier to maneuver the cooler over difficult terrain. The Tundra Haul is so easy to transport in fact that a single person will have no problem transporting to and from a campsite, park pavilion, or tailgate location. Try that with a fully-loaded Tundra without wheels.

Of course, the Tundra Haul also offers the same level of excellent performance that you’ve come to expect from Yeti. The cooler can keep ice frozen for well over a week and has room for up to 45 cans of your favorite beverage. It can also carry as much as 55 pounds of ice, which ought to be enough to see you through most outdoor activities.

Coolest Cooler

The best cooler for glamping

coolest cooler asks backers more money 2016 04 14 01

Why you should buy this cooler: Because there’s no cooler like the Coolest.

Who it’s for? Individuals who want a cooler that can literally do it all.

How much will it cost? $449

Why we chose the Coolest Cooler:

While many individuals enjoy a rugged weekend getaway under the stars, some prefer a more glamorous camping trip. For these casual glampers, we highly recommend the Coolest Cooler. This particular idea started as a Kickstarter campaign and — although the project notoriously hit a few snags along the way — the Coolest Cooler eventually became the most funded Kickstarter of all time.

The Coolest is loaded with completely unnecessary, albeit useful, features. The unit comes with a built-in, rechargeable blender for cocktails and smoothies on the fly, and a pair of waterproof USB ports allow you to keep all of your compatible devices charged. There’s even a removable, splash-proof Bluetooth speaker for up to eight hours of continuous music.

With 55-quarts of storage space, the cooler itself isn’t too shabby either, and the thick insulated build keeps your beverages cold long after you’ve exhausted the speaker. There are plenty of functional design touches as well. There are four plates and a ceramic knife built into the lid. Similarly, the removable plastic divider doubles as a cutting board for meal preps. A bottle opener on the side has been designed with a magnetic bin to catch and store all of your bottle caps. Watch our full video interview with the Coolest Cooler founder here.

Otterbox Venture 65

The best rugged cooler

otterbox venture coolers 1

Why you should buy this cooler: It’s a cooler than can take everything you throw at it, and then some.

Who it’s for? Hunters, fishermen, and serious car-campers.

How much will it cost? $350

Why we chose the Otterbox Venture 65:

If your top priority out of a cooler is durability, the Otterbox Venture series is exactly what you’re looking for. Not only are these coolers built to perform — keeping ice frozen for up to 16 days — but they are strong enough to survive in pretty much any environment. From its rugged latches and silicone seals to the durable integrated handles, this cooler was built to last. So much so that it has even been certified as bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.

Otterbox has found ways to extend the versatility of the Venture coolers further by offering integration with a wide range of accessories too. The Venture 65 ships with a built-in bottle opener and dry storage tray, but other options include a cutting board, a side table, and cup holders too. The cooler can also be customized with a set of add-on wheels that makes it easier to transport, as well as internal separators that customize the interior for improved organization.

Some may balk at the Venture 65’s $350 price tag, but this cooler is so tough and dependable that it just might be the last one you’ll ever have to buy.

Hydro Flask 22 L Soft Cooler Pack

The best softpack cooler

best coolers hydroflask soft pack

Why you should buy this cooler: You need a lightweight, efficient, and easy to carry cooler.

Who it’s for? The dabbling day-trippers, or run-of-the-mill hipsters.

How much will it cost? $275

Why we chose the Hydro Flask 22 L Soft Cooler Pack:

For a casual day trip or a quick picnic, there’s really no need for a colossal cooler. Smaller softpacks are a solid, lightweight option to stow a few drinks and some snacks for a casual outing, and the Hydro Flask Cooler Pack tops our list for this category in no small part because it is so easy to carry around. Designed to function as a backpack, this cooler slips comfortably into place, allowing day hikers and festival goers to carry their favorite beverages with them wherever they go.

Just because this cooler is a soft-sided model that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deliver outstanding performance. The Cooler Pack can keep drinks cold for up to 48 hours and has room for as many as 24 cans. Onboard stash pockets make it easy to carry extra gear items along as well, while comfortable shoulder straps and mesh back panel keep the wearer comfortable even while carrying a full load.

Weighing in at just three pounds, the Cooler Pack is one of the lightest soft-cooler options available. When you add in its great looks, versatility, and performance it is easy to see why it earns a spot on our list.

Igloo Iceless 28

The best electric cooler

Why you should buy this cooler: It’s a great way to keep foods and beverages stored in your vehicle during games or road trips.

Who it’s for? Anyone looking for an efficient, compact cooler.

How much will it cost? $64

Why we chose the Igloo Iceless 28:

Models requiring ice certainly dominate the cooler market, however, there are plenty of electric options to help you save cash in the long run. The Igloo Iceless 28, for example, easily plugs into a cigarette lighter for a continuous chill. Without the need to lug around ice, you can store more perishables in a smaller area, saving you money and precious cargo space.

As the name suggests, the Iceless 28 delivers up to 28-quarts of storage space in a slim design that fits comfortably anywhere in most automobiles. Those looking for something a little smaller can also check out the Iceless 26. This model also incorporates an appreciated ergonomic curve, designed to fit against your side while being carried. With more than eight feet of cord to work with, this cooler can stow and cool virtually anywhere in or around your vehicle. The Iceless 28 is capable of cooling items down to 36 degrees Fahrenheit less than the temperature outside of the unit, making this model ideal for use in your vehicle.

Igloo Marine Ultra 48

The best budget cooler

best coolers igloo marine ultra cooler
Why you should buy this cooler: It’s affordable, spacious, and performs well without a hefty price tag.

Who it’s for? Those seeking a reliable, spacious cooler that is also easy on the wallet.

How much will it cost? $48

Why we chose the Kelty folding cooler:

Let’s face it, the Igloo Marine Ultra 48 isn’t as tough and durable as some of the other coolers on this list, nor does it have a long list of impressive features. That said, it does offer solid performance at an impressive price, which makes it a great choice for those who want a reliable ice chest that won’t cost them an arm and a leg.

With its 48 liter capacity, the Marine Ultra can carry up to 76 12-ounce cans, which is enough storage space for most picnics, backyard barbecues, and overnight camping trips. The cooler’s insulated walls and lid can keep ice frozen for up to three days, while its comfortable handles make it a breeze to transport, even while full. Igloo has even included a fish-ruler mounted on the lid, allowing anglers to quickly know which fish they catch should be put on ice and which one should be tossed back. Best of all, at just $48 this cooler won’t put a crimp in your budget either.

Rovr RollR 60

The best cooler system

best coolers rollr rovr 60 cooler

Why you should buy this cooler: With its impressive array of accessories, this cooler is the most versatile on the planet, bar none.

Who it’s for? Those who need an all-purpose cooler that is versatile enough to be used anywhere.

How much will it cost? $399

Why we chose the Rovr RollR 60:

With its host of accessories the Rovr RollR line of coolers can be fully customized to meet the needs of their owners. Options include dual cup holders, dry bins for storing food, bottle openers, add-on lights, a cutting board, and much more. RovR even offers an attachment that allows you to tow the RollR with your bike. Each of these accessories can be neatly integrated into the base unit, turning it into the most versatile cooler system you can imagine.

That isn’t to say the standard RollR 60 cooler isn’t already highly functional. It features 60 quarts of storage space, puncture-resistant all-terrain wheels, and a sturdy handle that makes it surprisingly easy to move around. The RollR is also capable of keeping ice frozen for more than a week at a time and tough enough to be bear-resistant too. If you’re looking for a high-performance cooler that can expand its capabilities to meet your needs, the RovR RollR is the perfect choice.

LiddUp Party Bar

The best cooler for parties

best coolers liddup party bar cooler

Why you should buy this cooler: With its large capacity and integrated lighting system, it’s perfect for large gatherings.

Who it’s for? Those who love to entertain and need a cooler with plenty of capacity.

How much will it cost? $250

Why we chose the LiddUp Party Bar:

With its massive 125-quart carrying capacity the LiddUp Party Bar can keep up to 225 12-ounce cans chilled at the same time. That alone makes it a great option for use at large gatherings, but factor in its integrated bottle opener, removable drink dividers, and integrated wine caddy and you’ll begin to understand why this cooler makes our list. The Party Bar even comes with heavy-duty handles and locking caster wheels that make it easy to move around, even while fully loaded.

What really helps this cooler to stand out from the crowd is its 360-degree LED lighting system. Built right into the sides of the cooler itself, these lights illuminate the interior of the Party Bar, not only making it easier to sift through the contents of the cooler in the dark, but providing a great ambient light source too.

IceCo iFreezer Go20

The best for road trips and car camping

best coolers ifreezer go20

Why you should buy this cooler: Its dual climate zones can keep things cold and frozen for extended periods of time.

Who it’s for? Car campers and overlanders who need a versatile way to keep food and beverages cold while on the go.

How much will it cost? $449 on Indiegogo and $799 at retail.

Why we chose the IceCo iFreezer Go20:

With its dual climate zones, the ability to be controlled by a smartphone app, and quick-cooling abilities, the iFreezer Go20 is a great cooler for use on long road trips or car camping outings. Its touch controls allow users to maintain temperature settings that range from 0 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 50 degrees in each zone separately which is something you don’t find on my lightweight coolers. This means that it is possible to keep frozen goods on one side and cold drinks and snacks on the other without fear of either going bad.

This powered cooler can be plugged into an AC wall outlet or 12-volt car port to keep it running. It also runs quite well when connected to a portable power station and IceCo offers its own external battery pack to keep the portable refrigerator running for up to five hours at a time. This gives it plenty of versatility in how and where it is used, both in and out of a vehicle.

The iFreezer is on the small side with just 20 liters of internal storage, but since no ice is required all of that room can be put to good use. And since it can cool down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit in just 15 minutes, you never have to worry about whether or not its contents are well chilled.


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