Camp in style with these 8 must-have pieces of glamping gear

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The Great Outdoors are majestic and full of beauty but let’s be real, they’re also full of bugs, dirt, heat, and muck. In addition to soaking in the lovely scenery, your typical camping trip also involves sleeping in cramped spaces, eating less than savory food, and leaving your beloved creature comforts behind.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. More often, outdoor adventure seekers are finding new ways to bring their luxuries from home into the wilderness. In fact, a whole new breed of campers bent on luxury cropped up in recent years, taking on the moniker of glamping — a combination of the words glamour and camping. Glamping allows anyone the ability to experience the wonders of nature without sacrificing small pleasures. If you’re one of those people who likes nature but doesn’t consider roughing it a good time, these are the essential glamping gadgets you need to camp in style.

Handpresso Wild Hybrid Coffee Machine ($80)

glamping handpresso wild hybrid coffee machine

Many coffee lovers would agree that the worst part of waking up in the woods is how far you are from a Starbucks. If you’re someone who finds yourself staring at those little plastic coffee presses with disdain as you fantasize about a strong, well-brewed espresso, you definitely need this coffee-making contraption. This unimposing device is less than a foot long and fits into just about any gear bag. Just pop in some grinds, add hot water, and press up and down like a bike pump. Voila — fancy espresso deep in the wilderness.

Vintage Pendleton Camp Blanket ($100)

glamping vintage pendleton camp blanket

When you’re glamping, the idea is to keep it classy and Pendleton’s Backcountry Exclusive Camp Blankets are a surefire way to add a cool aesthetic to your outing. Made with a mix of virgin wool and cotton fabrics, and decorated with vintage-style patterns in a range of options, these heritage pieces infuse the fireside with a sophisticated ambiance — not to mentioned being ultra-cozy to snuggle up inside. The high-end materials assure the blanket is itch-free and won’t leave chafe marks on your chin if you find yourself wrapped in it during S’mores hour.

As a bonus, the wool is flame-resistant so you can scoot on close to the heat without worries. If you’re glamping in a camper van or trailer, the blankets also work great as ornamental throws and the moisture-resistant properties help if you get caught in the rain or an early morning fog. Furthermore, like all Pendleton products, they’re made in the United States.

Camp Chef Outdoor Pizza Oven ($150)

glamping camp chef outdoor pizza oven

If anyone ever tries to tell you that pizza and camping are incompatible, direct them immediately to Camp Chef. This amazing little contraption allows you to make your favorite deep-dish pizza under the stars. At 15 inches by 20 inches, Camp Chef’s Artisan Pizza Oven 90 fits on top of just about any two-burner camp stove and is designed to create the taste of a wood fire pizza oven right at the trailhead.

With cordierite ceramic stone to ensure an evenly heated crust — capable of bubbling up to a sizzling 700 degrees Fahrenheit — the accessory lifts moisture off the dough to leave a soft, fluffy interior. The oven features custom heat diffusion plates, a precise temperature gauge, and comes with the Italia Pizza Oven Cooking Guide chock-full of tasty recipe ideas.

Kicker Portable BF200 Bluetooth Speaker ($80)

glamping kicker portable bf200 bluetooth speaker

The sounds of nature are surely beautiful but when you’re glamping, you sometimes want to kick it up a notch. Enter Kicker’s brand-new portable Bluetooth speaker, designed exclusively for outdoor excursions. The stereo manufacturer, which typically makes car and home audio units, launched this awesome speaker at the Outdoor Retailer show in July and it’s just what the ultimate glamping trip calls for.

A smaller, more compact version of the company’s Bullfrog BF400 line, the speaker features dust-resistant qualities that allow you to set it on a picnic table or drag it down to the waterside without fear of roughing it up. The unit is fully waterproof and withstands full submersion for up to 30 minutes — it even floats. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that play for 12 straight hours and USB ports which serve as portable power stations round out the speaker’s handy list of features.

GSI Champagne Flutes ($7)

glamping champagne flutes

If you’re not pouring a glass of bubbly while glamping, you’re doing it wrong. Luckily, GSI Outdoors makes it easy and affordable to bring along sparkling wine and add a posh element to your wilderness trips. At just $7 each, these copolyester plastic flutes are low-cost and durable with a nesting stem base that snaps into the rim for compact, no-crush carrying and worry-free sipping. Holding up to 6 fluid ounces, there’s no reason not to bring along the Pommery on your next outing — here’s a toast to many more glamping trips to come.

Craghoppers NosiLife Insect-Repelling Apparel (Price varies)

glamping craghoppers nosilife insect repelling apparel

One of the least desirable parts of spending time outdoors (and certainly the least glamorous) is swatting aways insects and scratching vigorously at bug bites. If you’ve ever used bug spray, you know that spraying yourself with pungent, DEET-laden chemicals is hardly elegant. The solution is to bring along a chic, comfy outfit that weaves insect-repellent treatment directly into the fabric. Craghopper’s line of NosiLife and NosiDefence clothing offers glampers a stylish way to keep the bugs away without the chemicals. With Insect Shield jackets, long-sleeved shirts, pants, and even dresses for the ladies, there’s a good choice for everyone.

Traeger Tailgater Portable Barbecue ($450)

glamping traeger tailgater portable barbecue

Mini grill, you say? How about a full-sized barbeque that offers 300 square inches of grilling space and fits up to 12 burgers, yet breaks down into a portable, lightweight carrying contraption? That’s more like it.

Traeger’s Tailgater boasts a digital LED multi-position thermostat control and EZ-Fold legs for maximum portability, all compressed into 62 pounds of relatively easy-to-carry goodness. The grill’s engineering makes use of an induction fan to circulate hardwood smoke evenly throughout the cooking chamber and transports fuel to the hopper via its built-in auger. It even does so at varying speeds, depending on whether you want a hot-and-quick or low, slow-cooked meal.

Sea to Summit UltraLight Hammock ($90)

glamping sea to summit ultralight hammock

What spells luxury better than kicking back in a hammock under a gorgeous tree canopy, slipping off your shoes and reclining in comfort? The problem is that with most backyards hammocks, it’s not necessarily easy to roll it up into a pile of heavy rope and lug it into the woods. Sea to Summit’s UltraLight hammock allows glampers to bring a slice of backyard luxury on camping trips in a pouch small enough to fit in most purses.

Using a Nylon 66 monofilament fabric, the inconspicuous recliner weighs just 5.4 ounces and its accompanying compression sack cinches down to only 8 inches by 3.5 inches. It boasts a light but sturdy aluminum 6061 buckle and a triple bar-tacked webbing loop for durability that holds up to 300 pounds. At the end of a long day hiking, biking, and exploring nature, this definitely beats crawling into a cramped, hot tent to lie down.