The six best insulated water bottles to keep temperatures steady

Keep your drinks ice cold all day long with the best insulated bottles

best insulated water bottles

A cold cup of coffee just doesn’t have that same zest as a piping hot pour straight from the pot, and that glass of iced tea isn’t the same once the cubes have melted. Unfortunately, on the dusty trailhead, at the office, or while simply out and about, it’s often difficult to keep our iced drinks cold and our warm drinks up to temperature with standard drinkware. Thankfully, there are plenty of vacuum flasks on the market designed to keep our beverages at the desired temperature for hours at a time. Here are six of the best insulated water bottles to accommodate those thirst-quenching quaffs.

How do vacuum flasks work?

Many insulated water bottles use a double-wall vacuum design. This vacuum creates an insulated buffer between the internal compartment and the external environment. This small barrier greatly increases the time warm and cold liquids maintain a desired temperature.

Our pick — Miir 23 ounce ($30)

miir water bottle

We’ve covered Miir’s tumblers in the past, and the company also offers some impressive, insulated water bottles. To maximize the insulation properties, many double-walled vacuum style water bottles tend to be rather bulky. The Miir 23 ounce on the other hand is under three inches in diameter and just nine inches in length. This allows the Miir 23 ounce to slide into most exterior backpack pockets with ease.

This formidable flagon doesn’t sacrifice insulation capacity for this svelte sizing by any means. The Thermo 3D double-walled vacuum build keeps your cold drinks cool for more than 24 hours and hot drinks up to temperature for 12 hours. As an added bonus, five percent of the purchase goes towards Miir’s Active Giving Project, supporting a host of initiatives from a bike-share in Zambia to a clean water program in Liberia.

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Best insulation — Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic 20 ounce ($31)

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Klean Kanteen released its staple canteen more than a decade ago and now, the company combined its original Klean Kanteen with a double-wall, vacuum-insulated design that’s hard to top. The Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic keeps drinks hot for up to 20 hours and iced drinks cold for an unheard of 50 hours. The wide mouth handles cubes right from the freezer and rounded internal corners make the unit easy to clean. If premier insulation is your objective, the Klean Kanteen is as good as it gets for under $50.

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Best customizable — Hydro Flask Standard Mouth 21 ounce ($36)

water bottle

Today, an insulated water bottle isn’t meant specifically for a weekend outing or a trip to the gym. Many of us tow our decanters with us to the workplace, in transit, and all of those places in between. That said, many individuals seek a water bottle with a little style. For these fashion-forward quaffers, the Hydro Flask 21 ounce Standard Mouth Bottle is a cut above the rest. Available in seven sizes and more than 14 colors, the hardest part may be boiling down the options to a single build.

The Standard Mouth bottle isn’t all glitz by any means. The TempShield design keeps beverages chilled for up to 24 hours and warm for 12. The build also eliminates condensation, so you won’t have to worry about rings on your desk or keeping your belongings dry. This unit is also compatible with either of the Hydro Flask caps adding a healthy dose of versatility and pragmatism to this stylish model.

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Best design — SIGG Hot & Cold ONE 0.5 liter ($38)

For some, the look of a water bottle is certainly something to consider alongside its insulative properties. While the Hydro Flask model on this list is one of the more popular models on the market, its vibrant color scheme may be a bit much for some. That said, the Sigg Hot and Cold One is our pick for a more subtle and sophisticated aesthetic canteen.

The Hot and Cold One keeps drinks cold for 20 hours or warm for nearly 12 hours, and one of our favorite features is the safety lock on the lid — a modest albeit rare feature on most water bottles. While some may see it as more of a hindrance, those who often stow their bottle in their pack will enjoy the added security and peace of mind. With welcome splashes of color along the bottle and lid, the Sigg Hot and Cold One pops on your pack. In a market brimming with bland sip-and-stow models, this unit certainly stands out.

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Best rugged — Yeti Rambler 26 ounce ($40)

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Yeti is well known for its durable and even bear-proof lineup of accessories, such as great outdoor coolers. The company recently unveiled its latest over-engineered series of insulated bottles capable of withstanding just about anything you can literally throw at it and the Rambler 26 ounce is one of our favorites. The three-finger cap handle grips easily during transit and the extra wide “over the nose” opening is perfect for thirst-quenching gulps and easy cleaning.

The stainless steel build is puncture- and rust-resistant, and also sweatproof to “keep your fingers dry and unfrostbitten.” Kick it, shoot it, hurl it off of a mesa — the Yeti Rambler handles the toils of the trail and then some. We’ve covered the larger Rambler jugs in the past and we highly suggest giving these models a look if you’re in the market for a larger bottle for extended weekend outings.

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Best budget — Cayman Fitness Insulated Stainless Steel 17 ounce ($13)

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The Cayman Fitness insulated water bottle may be our choice for best budget option, but this is no fledgling flask by any means. This flagon has a double-walled vacuum design to keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks up to temperature for 12 hours. Unlike some of the bulkier bottles on the market, the Cayman model stows easily in most cup holders for convenience. If you want to keep your drinks warm or cold for longer periods of time, you’ll of course need to upgrade to a more heavily insulated unit, however, those looking for a solid water bottle will have few complaints with this model.

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