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Lock your bike without a key with the Bisecu smart lock

Bisecu : The most advanced smart bike lock
You know you could have locked your bike. In fact, you really would have locked your bike were the lock not such a hassle to get on and off. And really, you should have locked your bike, saving yourself from the constant worry that by the time you return to the rack, your method of transportation will be transporting someone else. Here to help you avoid any future coulda woulda shoulda situations is the Bisecu, heralded as the world’s first fully automated smart bicycle lock. Though it’s just a quarter of the weight of most U-locks, this completely keyless lock ensures bike safety using patent-pending Bluetooth technology. And because you don’t actually have to take this particular lock on or off the bike, using it is basically as easy as riding a bicycle.

The fully automatic lock eliminates both the need to carry around a key, and the need to carry around a lock as well. Instead, the Bisecu is installed on the front wheel of your two-wheeled vehicle, and anytime you walk away from the bike, it’ll lock itself, and when you walk toward it, you’ll find it unlocked and ready for your ride. Should someone attempt to make away with your bicycle, Bisecu will sound an alarm, and send you a smartphone notification alerting you to potential malfeasance.

Weighing in at just over three quarters of a pound, Bisecu won’t add any unnecessary heft to your bike. And thanks to its Bluetooth-based security system, you could even use Bisecu to turn your bike into a ridesharing system, allowing a few select friends and family members to unlock your ride at their leisure. The Bisecu is said to be both waterproof and weather resistant, and the battery should last for six months (though it’s rechargeable with the included USB).

While Bisecu is certainly a helpful tool in terms of theft prevention, that’s not all the little gadget can do. The lock also serves as a cycling computer of sorts, providing riders with accurate real-time data including distance traveled, speed, and incline. Because Bisecu lives on your front wheel, it can easily measure the number of wheel revolutions, thereby promising more precise data. And just as you don’t need to lock the Bisecu to take advantage of its protective capabilities, you don’t have to toggle the smart lock on in order for it to track your progress. Rather, as soon as you begin riding, Bisecu begins keeping tabs on your journey. You can have data relayed directly to your mobile device, so you can monitor stats in real time (or once you have safely arrived at your destination).

You can pre-order the Bisecu now for $89, with delivery anticipated in March 2018.

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