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BMW’s Active Hybrid ebike promises ‘significant power boost’ for riders

BMW Active Hybrid ebike
BMW wants to prove that its two-wheeled vehicles are every bit as elegant and powerful as its four-wheeled varieties. The German automaker has recently unveiled the new Active Hybrid ebike, the latest in a growing line of the company’s electric bikes. Capable of traveling 62 miles on a single charge, the Active Hybrid promises a “comprehensively revised drive concept” that manifests itself in the form of a “significant power boost.”

Thanks to an advanced Brose electric motor, riders will be able to supplement their pedal power, helping jet them from Point A to Point B in no time at all. There are four different power modes available, with a maximum push of up to 275 percent. Indeed, the motor produces an output of 250 watts, thereby injecting “extra dynamism” while adding “the agility for which BMW is renowned,” according to a company release. And just how agile are we talking here? The BMW bike is capable of going up to 16 miles per hour.

The bike depends upon a removable 504-watt-hour battery for its operation, which can also be used to charge a smartphone (of course, the bike comes with a Micro USB socket and Bluetooth functionality).

Aside from its technical aspects, the BMW Active Hybrid also promises a sleek design. Both the motor and the battery are fully integrated into the bike’s hydroformed aluminium frame, making for an athletic silhouette. Plus, the bike features the trademark BMW “bullneck,” which is said to exude “energy and forward-surging presence,” alongside the Frozen Black and Arctic Silver paintwork.

The bike also features LED lights integrated into the aluminium mudguard atop the rear wheel. This is meant to not only maximize safety, but also serve as another design statement. But BMS certainly isn’t sacrificing form for function — take, for example, the bike’s saddle, which promises to be the first saddle tailored specifically to meet the needs of ebikers. This involves a short nose, a rising seat surface at the saddle’s rear, and moving side wings for a stable seating position that will support a rider both during push-off and braking. Plus, with three-zone padding, this promises to be a comfortable ride, too.

The BMW Active Hybrid ebike is now available from select BMW dealers, or can be purchased online from BMW’s website. It retails for $3,990.

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