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Body Glove has built a stand-up paddleboard big enough for six

Stand-up paddleboarding remains a wildly popular outdoor activity thanks to its ability to provide a great workout while allowing participants to spend some relaxing time out on the water. But just imagine how much more fun it could be if you could bring a few friends along for the ride. That is exactly what Body Glove had in mind when it designed its new Crusader inflatable paddleboard, which offers enough space for the entire family.

Measuring 15 feet in length and 66 inches in width, the Crusader is much larger than the average board you will find at your favorite SUP destination. That gives it plenty of room to comfortably hold up to six people and a carrying capacity that allows it to support more than 1,000 pounds of weight. The board itself tips the scales at 76 pounds, which is bulky when compared to a stand-up paddleboard designed for a single person. But boards of this size typically weigh 90-100 pounds instead, making the Crusader one of the lighter high-capacity boards on the market.

Body Glove Crusader 6 Person Paddleboard

Despite being a trimmed-down model compared to the competition, the Crusader is built to be tough. It features triple-layer stringer construction that allows it to be both durable and flexible, something that is crucial in an inflatable SUP board. Double-layered sidewalls add another level of protection as well while an oversized traction pad makes it easier for everyone onboard to stand-up and enjoy the ride.

Body Glove’s head of product development, Luke Hopkins, tells Digital Trends, “The Crusader is a multi-purpose, multi-person, best-in-class inflatable paddleboard. The nose rocker lets you paddle over insane waves, but also acts as a flatwater diving board, while the cooler tie-downs allow you to bring refreshments for the group.” A champion paddler himself, Hopkins adds, “You can even weigh down the Crusader and use it as a floating island. We use heavy duty military-grade polyvinyl, so whatever your activity, the Crusader will be up to the task.”

The Crusader is scheduled for release during the summer and will sell for $2,000. For that price, you get two pumps for use when inflating the board, as well as four adjustable SUP paddles.

Watch the Body Glove website for updates.

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