The customizable Cero One electric bike hauls cargo and passengers with ease

While electric bikes give people the ability to ditch their automobiles in favor of something a touch more environmentally friendly, the problem of how to haul much more than a backpack is a consistent problem. Understanding this for the obstacle that it is, a company out of Los Angeles called Cero Bikes has launched an innovative solution dubbed the Cero One. What puts the Cero One electric bike in a field of its own rests with its customization options, which offer buyers a completely modular front and rear cargo system.

Be it a big or small basket, a simple platform, or a few tie down straps on the rear rack, the Cero One has the ability to undertake some serious hauling. Touting up to 12 different combinations, Cero Bikes specifically constructed the bike different from much of what’s currently on the market. Featuring a smaller front wheel to assist with bigger front cargo, it also relies on a lower center of gravity to achieve excellent stability. The company also outfit the bike with wide balloon tires to increase the balance and smoothness of the ride.

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Cero Bikes
Cero Bikes

“There are challenges to try to make a bike that encompasses a lot of the needs of transportation,” said Cero Bikes engineer, Zach Krapfl. “We looked at this bike as a possibility for small, compact urban transportation that’s able to hold cargo in the front and cargo in the back. What we did was take it a little bit further, increasing the structure, increasing the ability to carry cargo and then try to keep the center of mass of the frame as low as possible.”

Outside of its construction, the Cero One also offers several pedal-assisted drive modes. Capable of cruising at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, buyers can expect to get 44 miles out of its High drive mode, 62 when switched to Normal, and an astounding 93 miles when set to Eco mode. For most people who want a commuter bike, these ranges are more than capable of serving them on a day-to-day basis.

Like much of the electric bike industry, the Cero One comes standard with a relatively steep price tag. Currently looking for capital via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Cero Bikes offers backers the ability to secure a Cero One for $2,400 (a July Fourth special) or $2,800 for what it calls a “Super Extra Early Bird Deal.” Slated to retail for roughly $3,400 once it hits stores — assuming it achieves its funding goal — the early bird discount of $600 allows prospective buyers to use that saved dough on extra cargo baskets or racks.

As of this writing, the Cero One already raised just over $15,000 with 22 days left in the campaign.