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The Stealth is Eezi-Awn's newest hardtop rooftop tent for easier car camping

eezi awn stealth thestealth2
South African brand Eezi-Awn introduces ‘the Stealth,’ its newest hardshell rooftop tent meant to withstand extensive backcountry excursions while maintaining a simplistic design and undeniable charm.

The revolution of rooftop tents (RTTs) has been fully integrated into modern camping culture and veteran Eezi-Awn joins forces with retailer Equipt Expedition Outfitters to ensure their position at the front of the pack. The demand for easier packability and increased fuel efficiency has resulted in new design features highlighted by an outer lightweight aluminum shell and streamlined aerodynamic shape.

Eezi-Awn boasts its tried-and-true durable rip-stop canvas inset with YKK zippers, employed throughout the tent. The Stealth is designed for two people, and is equipped with a queen-sized mattress measuring 84 (L) by 52 (W) by 3.5 (H) inches. Privacy mesh panels and insulation on the roof and floor ensure comfort in all weather conditions. The encompassing rooftop shape makes for added bedding storage even when folded away, exceeding the capacities of other popular brands. In addition, the included “XKLUSIV” ladder can be stored neatly beneath the tent.

One of the Stealth’s most notable features is the ease of setup and takedown accomplished by convenient latches placed at the corners of the tent, supplemented with gas-assisted struts that make for quick, simple opening, with handles and bungee cords to help with efficient repacking and closure.

The only downside is a lack of technical amenities including power outlets, internal lighting, and built-in storage pockets, often included with other popular products. Also, the tent packs a hefty rooftop weight at 220 pounds, although it is designed for easy insertion of extra load bars.

The matte, black-powder coated exterior provides some added visual glam. The Stealth can be purchased only through Eezi-Awn’s designated retailer Equipt Expedition Outfitters. It is available on the firm’s webpage for $3,900 including free shipping to commercial addresses or FedEx freight facilities.

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