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This backpack was specifically designed for use on short, intense runs

Fitly Running Backpack
At some point, every runner has faced the challenge of finding a comfortable way to carry their cellphone, keys, and other important items with them during a workout. Trail runners and long-distance endurance athletes typically resort to wearing a backpack during their runs, which gives them plenty of room for stashing the essentials while also carrying water, snacks, and a light jacket, too. But those types of packs are generally overkill for someone who just wants to take a quick jog around the neighborhood. For those runners there is Fitly – a minimalist backpack that offers a convenient way to carry everything you need during a short workout.

Made from lightweight and water resistant fabrics, Fitly was built specifically for use on shorter runs. The pack employs a set of magnetic snaps and mechanical locks to keep it firmly in place on the runner’s back throughout a workout, even if he or she dramatically picks up the pace. The bag’s flexible shoulder straps minimize bouncing without impeding the runner’s natural motion in any way. And since it is designed to carry just a few items, the runner won’t feel overly weighed down either.

In terms of storage capacity, the Fitly features four different pockets. Its main compartment is large enough to carry a rain jacket and comes with an integrated slot specifically designed to hold a smartphone. Its two medium-sized front pockets are the perfect place to store keys, energy gels, or other items that a runner needs to keep close at hand. There is even a secret side pocket that is perfect for hiding valuable items away from prying eyes.

Other nice features include reflective bands that increase visibility in low-light conditions, odor-resistant fabrics, and silent zippers that minimize any annoying noises that can occur while running. There is even a built-in safety whistle and convenient slots for carrying money, an ID, or credit cards.

The Fitly is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter starting on Monday, October 16. The suggested retail price has not been revealed just yet, but runners are promised a 50-percent discount if they pledge their support early. Visit for more information.

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