Using a rooftop tent is easier than ever with this mount kit

Rooftop tents have become increasingly popular over the past few years as car campers look for more comfortable ways to enjoy spending the night outdoors. But, using a rooftop tent usually means either having it permanently mounted to the top of a vehicle or spending a lot of time installing and removing it before and after each camping trip. The hassle that comes along with that process may be a thing of the past however, thanks to a revolutionary new mounting system from Front Runner.

The Quick Release Tent Mount Kit consists of four quick-release brackets that work in conjunction with any of Front Runner’s roof racks. The kit comes with a variety of different mounting plates that provide compatibility not only with the company’s own rooftop shelter, but those made by competitors like Tepui and Cascadia Vehicle Tents, too. Installation takes just a few minutes and, once bolted into place, the mounts offer a safe, secure way to transport a tent, even when traveling through rugged offroad conditions.

Each of the brackets is equipped with a safety latch that firmly holds the tent in place once it has been snapped into position. Those latches can quickly and easily be undone however, allowing users to remove their rooftop tent within a matter of seconds all without ever having to break out a wrench, socket set, or any other tool for that matter. The brackets are also small and unobtrusive, remaining out of the way when the tent is not mounted so that users have full access to the rack at all times.

Front Runner

Front Runner owner Tina Payne says, “Versatility is paramount, which is why these brackets are not just made for Front Runner’s rooftop tent, but also work with all Autohome/Maggionlina, James Baroud, TJM, ARB, Tepui and many other popular rooftop tent brands. If you own a rooftop tent but struggle with low garages or parking structures or simply don’t want the extra weight on your daily driver, we just made things a lot easier for you.”

The kit requires no modifications to the tent itself and allows drivers to mount their rooftop model at two different heights (17 or 40 millimeters) to ensure proper clearance. For added security, Front Runner has also equipped one of the brackets with a lock, making it difficult for anyone to make off with the tent while it is in the Quick Release system.

Front Runner’s Quick Release Tent Mount Kit is available now and sells for $299.