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Leave the car behind with this commuter-focused ebike from Gazelle

Cycling purists are often quick to dismiss ebikes because they are too heavy, often oddly shaped, and use built-in electric motors to take much of the challenge out of a ride. But what they fail to understand is that there are plenty of riders who don’t get on a bike to see how fast or far they can go, but instead see them as a basic form of transportation instead. Those cyclists are looking for a comfortable ride that will allow them to commute to and from work, run errands around town, and arrive at a destination still feeling fresh and clean. That is exactly the idea behind the Avenue, the latest ebike from Gazelle, which was built specifically with those kinds of urban riders in mind.

With its lightweight aluminum frame and low-step design, the Gazelle Avenue has a look that is far less intimidating to new riders than some of the more aggressive-looking ebikes on the market. It features 26-inch wheels and integrated cables, as well as Magura brakes for safe and easy stopping in high traffic environments. The bike’s geometry includes a 68-degree headtube angle and a 70-degree seat tube angle, which translates to a more upright and comfortable seated position while riding. This makes the Avenue more akin to a cruiser rather than a traditional road bike.

Gazelle Avenue

Powered by a Shimano STEPS drive system, the Avenue has an average range of about 50 miles before its 504-watt battery needs a recharge. Riders who rely less on the ebike’s pedal-assist functionality could extend that range out to as far as 80 miles, however, depending on the bike’s settings. The electric drive is reportedly almost completely silent, offers up to three levels of pedal assist, and has seamless automatic shifting through its eight gears. It even comes with a “walk assist” mode that kicks in when riders get off the bike and push it instead.

The Avenue is available now in three frame sizes (45, 51, and 57) and in one color (saturn blue) — although Gazelle promises that more options are coming soon. It is competitively priced at $2,899, with options to add premium accessories including a front basket for carrying extra cargo. Find out more at

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