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Stay clean in the backcountry using just one gallon of water with Geyser System

Playing in the outdoors means getting dirty. Whether you’re on a weekend camping trip, living out of your van, or traveling in a foreign land where running water is limited, staying clean can be a difficult task. When you don’t have access to a hot shower, you resort to rubbing down your body with baby wipes, wet rags, or pouring gallons of water over your head — resulting in the waste of a valuable resource. Geyser System is the innovative solution to these backcountry woes, serving as an advanced and portable shower system that you can take with you anywhere.

Geyser System addresses the three most common issues with outdoor shower systems: Minimal water, lack of storage space, and lack of electricity. This unique product offers a full range of flow rates that you can tailor to your needs. One gallon of water lasts for seven minutes — which is plenty of time to get clean, whether you’re covered in mud, sunscreen, or debris. The shower system is compact and weighs just 11 pounds, making it ideal to carry in a car trunk or a backpack. No power? No problem! The Geyser System runs off the 12-volt DC power supply found in all vehicles and is also compatible with one deep cycle battery.

Water supply is limited in many countries around the world, so the company designed Geyser System with a focus on efficiency, optimizing water usage with a special Geyser Valve. The best part? Heating elements provide for a warm shower up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s inherently safe by design. There are numerous measures in place that make Geyser System as safe as it is efficient. A lid sensor deactivates the heating element if not properly screwed on while temperature sensors monitor the water temperature and turn off the heating element when the water reaches 95 degrees. If you pour in water that is too warm, the pump won’t function until the water cools. There is also a water level sensor that will shut off the heating element when the water level gets too low. A smart LED dashboard displays the water temperature, water level, and heating element status. Added safety features include a plastic gate to keep fingers safe from the heating elements and thermostats and a hose connector constructed from non-corrosive plastics.

You can set up the Geyser System in three simple steps. Just add water, connect to a DC outlet, and attach a Geyser Skrub. Then simply turn the pump on, switch to heat mode, then once it’s heated, it’s ready to pump — and you’re ready to get clean. Replacement Geyser Skrubs are easily reordered and available in a variety of colors. While crowdfunded projects are not guaranteed, Geyser System is nearly halfway funded after just a couple of days. A pledge of $195 on the company’s Kickstarter campaign page gives you the best chance of getting your hands on your very own Geyser System once it goes into production.

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