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The Go Fast Camper is for folks who want to take a home anywhere in the world

Go Fast Camper
Whoever said “home is where the heart is” probably never tried to drag a home across a mountain range. While setting up an abode in the great outdoors may sometimes be something of a hassle, a new camper may just be our saving grace. Meet the Go Fast Camper, one of the lightest popup camper models available, and one that promises a setup time of just a matter of seconds. So if you don’t want your camper dictating what adventures you can and can’t embark upon, the Go Fast may be something to consider.

Weighing in at less than 200 lbs., the Go Fast is comprised of a steel space frame, aluminum hardware, and honeycomb composite floor and roof panels. When fully assembled, it provides an impressive 94 inches (that’s nearly eight feet) of standing room, and enough sleeping room for two adults. And that doesn’t mean two small adults — both folks can be up to 6’6″ and ought to be able to fit quite comfortably in the camper.

The frame lower is wrapped either in a Sumbrella canvas or formed aluminum panels, which is to say that Go Fast will soon have both soft and hard-sided versions available. The CNC-machined aluminum hinges promise to be durable, while the boxed aluminum tent chassis with integrated utility tracks can carry “everything from surfboards to a load of lumber.” The roof sealing system claims to require neither glue nor sealant, and because of the camper’s modular design, you can actually adjust the layout of the camper.

For example, you can remove part of the floor, so that one person can go on an adventure while the other sleeps, or make room for a couch if you’re traveling alone. Plus, the easily removable tent fabric and mattress covers can all be cleaned with a hose.

All parts are made in Montana and are currently available for reservations on the Go Fast website. Supported vehicles include 1995 to 2018 Tacomas, 2015 to 2018 Colorado/Canyon models, and 2009 to 2018 F-150s, but only those with 5.5 or 6-foot beds. The $500 pre-order is fully refundable, but if you choose to go through with your purchase, the deposit will be applied to the camper of your choosing. Units are expected to ship in May 2018.

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