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Traversing the links just got a whole lot more fun thanks to the Golfboard

When spending a day golfing, the enjoyment comes from each swing, not from the traveling between strokes. Using a golf cart speeds things up, but it’s still just about getting between two points. The GolfBoard makes traveling around the green much more entertaining.

The technology began as the brainchild of professional surfer Laird Hamilton. His goal was to create a way to surf on land the way we do on the water. What began as a modification of an electric skateboard has grown into the product that’s now available.

After stepping up onto the board, operating it is fairly intuitive. Controlling the GolfBoard can be done wirelessly with a handheld controller or with the onboard thumb throttle. Both control methods only handle acceleration and brakes. Riders simply lean from side to side to turn as they would with a skateboard. To keep the GolfBoard running from shot to shot quickly, it uses four-wheel-drive powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery.

For inexperienced riders, there is a stability handle that doubles as a bag mount. If riders are feeling more adventurous, the stability handle can be removed so they can really surf around the golf course. If the idea of carrying around a golf bag all day doesn’t appeal to you, the GolfBoard supports the new movement toward a single club with an adjustable head.

The GolfBoard team understands that zipping around the golf course isn’t for everyone. In fact, its aim is more focused on bringing younger golfers to the game. It was conceived as an alternative to traditional golf carts. With its smaller form factor, riders can be sure they are having less of a negative impact on the course itself.

The GolfBoard is made in the United States, start at $6,500, and can be purchased directly from its website.

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