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Grip'enGo hydration system fits most bottles, lets you ditch the water bladder

Water bladders are often impractical for use in the outdoors because they can be difficult to fill, clean, and store properly. With a screw-on head that turns any water bottle into a hydration pack, the Grip’enGo hydration system is looking to make water bladders obsolete. Whether you prefer water, a flavored product, or soda, the Grip’enGo helps keep you hydrated without weighing you down. 

Traditional go-to hydration systems for backpacking trips and outdoor expeditions, water bladders are bulky, prone to leakage, and susceptible to residue buildup. If you’re thinking of transitioning between water and soda while you’re out on the trail, you might as well plan on bringing two separate water bladders. The Grip’enGo easily transitions between different types of beverages without requiring extensive cleaning.

The Grip’enGo hydration system functions as a lightweight, practical alternative to bulky bladders. The product is comprised of a standard hydration tube that connects between a mouthpiece and an innovative screw-on head that fits easily onto a beverage bottle.

The plastic head is ribbed, easy to grip and features a unique locking mechanism with four arms that connect securely to the mouth of any small bottle. A threaded plug ensures a snug fit and a medical-grade check valve protects against leakage. The system includes the Grip’enGo head and a 1000 millimeter length draw tube with a bite valve. The entire package weighs only three grams, making it the lightest hydration system on the market.

The Grip’enGo is durable, compact, and easy to use. It can be tucked away into any small backpack compartment when not in use and is easy to assemble, no tools required. The simple design is equipped for use with any small mouth bottle product, including popular brands such as Smartwater, Propel, Coke, Pepsi, Fiji, Evian, and Aquafina.

The most convenient feature? The Grip’enGo system requires no special hydration reservoir — simply slip the bottle into your pack, connect the draw tube, and go. You can purchase a Grip’enGo hydration system for $22 on the product’s Kickstarter campaign page

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