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Boots with integrated lighting will help hunters see better in the dark

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Finding your way along a trail after dark can be challenging, particularly if you forget to pack a flashlight. But a company called High Beam Shoes is hoping to make it much easier to navigate through the backcountry after sunset by integrating lights directly into your footwear. The company unveiled a prototype design for a pair of boots aimed specifically at hunters that allow them to travel more safely in low-light conditions, while also maintaining their own natural night vision along the way.

The HB Hunting boot is based on a similar design that High Beam Shoes has been developing for military use. Both versions are built to provide good traction on a variety of surfaces, as well as plenty of ankle support and protection for the foot in rugged, uneven settings. Reportedly, both models are still in the early phases of development but are designed for use in environments that call for lightweight footwear that allow the wearer to remain nimble in adverse conditions.

But, there are already plenty of other boots on the market that fit that exact description. Where the HB Hunting boot differs from the rest of the crowd is in their integrated lighting system. The shoes will feature ultraviolet lighting that High Beam says will be tuned to a specific frequency, radius, and angle that will allow hunters to spot territorial markings left behind by animals. Additionally, the boots will be equipped with both red and green lights, which can illuminate the trail directly in front of the wearer without interfering with their night vision. Judging from the concept image provided, the lighting system will be activated and controlled via a small remote.

Although High Beam has taken the wraps off of these boots, there are still plenty of questions to be answered. For instance, so far there is no information on battery life or the level brightness that we can expect from the lights, nor has the company revealed a price point or release date yet either. More information and further updates will be available at High Beam Shoes.

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