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With this Hurtta jacket, cold weather won’t impede your adventures with your dog

We’ve all been there. It’s been weeks since your last outdoor adventure with your dog and all six of your legs are itching to go. However, with the temperature dropping, you don’t want your furry best friend to endure the cold. With the new Chill Stopper jacket from Hurtta, you won’t have to leave your dog behind.

When a dog has short hair or lacks an undercoat, they really aren’t built for cold air and high winds. Just like jackets for people, the Chill Stopper provides an insulating material to trap in the warmth.

No matter the breed or size of the dog, a matching jacket will provide the perfect fit. The light and comfortable materials keep the most important muscle groups warm, while also protecting the neck and sensitive abdomen area. An adjustable collar, neckline, and waist further refine the fit and ensure that the jacket doesn’t move around during play. Even during more energetic sessions, the Chill Stopper will maintain the right fit.

Other features include a water-resistant two-way zipper and a leash opening on the back. Not only can you continue to use your preferred collar or harness, but the two-way zipper allows the jacket to easily be put on and removed. The water resistance will help prevent that wet-dog smell from any splashes of water or walking through the snow. And if it gets too dark outside, the jacket is also fitted with 3M reflectors. Everything was designed with your dog’s safety in mind.

For anyone looking to make the cold weather more enjoyable for their dog, Hurtta gear is sold all around the world. Products can be sold through Amazon or by checking their store locator. The Chill Stopper is still too new for a price point, but similar jackets from Hurtta sell between $60 and $100.


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