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Infento’s Big Snow Kit lets parents and kids mix and match their own DIY sleds

Winter just got a whole lot more fun thanks to the new Big Snow Kit from Infento. The company that specializes in do-it-yourself toy kits has applied its expertise to a whole new area of outdoor fun, giving parents and kids the ability to design and build their own custom sleds.

Designed for use by children ages 7-14, the Big Snow Kit ships with 391 individual parts. Those pieces can be mixed and matched in a nearly infinite number of combinations, allowing families to create a wide variety of different options for fun on the snow. Some of those options don’t look like anything else in the Infento catalog, while others inch closer to Infento’s other kits by creating designs that resemble bikes built for use on snow. There are even models that can support more than 200 pounds, allowing mom and dad to get in on the fun.

To get things started, Infento includes 10 different build ideas right out of the box, including enough parts for multiple glides at once. These designs bear such names as the Snow Drifter, the Supersledge, the Yeti, and the Big Blizzard, and each is unique its styling. The company estimates that it will take between two and three hours to put the sleds together, which is of course part of the fun.

Infento Big Snow Kit

Launched back in 2012, Infento first made a name for itself by creating educational kits for use in schools. The idea behind those kits was to teach fine motor skills and problem solving to children, providing an important skill set for use later in life. But the kits proved so popular that parents began requesting them for use at home too.

To meet his demand, Infento spent two years developing their first consumer models, which have now grown to include nine individual kits. Those original models shipped with wheels instead of skis, and were designed for parents and kids to build a variety of different types of bikes. The Big Snow Kit has allowed the company to take the formula out onto the snow for the very first time.

Available as a stand-alone system ($399) or an add-on ($249) to the Master Creator Kit, the Big Snow Kit is available now. For more information, visit the Infento website.