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Camping hammocks are good for any weather with Inferno insulation

It’s time to dust off those camping hammocks — they are no longer considered a summer-specific piece of gear. Thanks to the Inferno from Sierra Madre Research, hammocks are now perfectly reasonable to enjoy no matter the time of year. In other words, campers won’t have to let a little snowfall (and frigid temperatures) deter them from kicking back in the comfort of a hammock.

The Inferno, which recently launched via the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, is a two-part insulated sleep system designed specifically for a hammock. Using an easy access top quilt and a canoe-shaped under quilt, Inferno retains heat like no other similar product. The innovative system turns hammocks into essential cold-weather gear. To truly make a product for hammock enthusiasts, founder and designer Rickard Rett asked them to voice their opinions.

“We sent out a poll to hammock campers around the world asking what is most important to them when hammock camping in the cold,” he said. “We paired that feedback with our expertise and crafted a solution to the problems hammock campers have faced.”

A big cold spot for hammocks is the backside. The obvious solution is to prove an insulated underside but one of the biggest frustrations campers had was with ill-fitting blankets and a lengthy setup time full of lines, buckles, ties, and clips. Inferno uses a QuickConnect system to negate this typically lengthy setup. After clipping it into an existing hammock’s suspension on either end, Inferno is ready in seconds. The canoe-shape of the under quilt allows it to perfectly fit the shape of any camping hammock without leaving large gaps for heat to escape. To further prevent the loss of heat, Sierra Madre developed Draft Caps on both ends to create a stop-gap of insulation.

Other traditional sleeping bags compress and shift, creating an unequal distribution of insulation along with pressure points of convective cooling. The Inferno features a distinct pattern designed with multiple layers. The interior is designed to fit snug against the body while a larger layer falls away, creating non-compressive insulation.

As for the top quilt, this features a lightweight, backless design for easy movement in and out without leaving the hammock. Extra insulation in the feet and hood help maximize heat retention, especially when paired with the under quilt. Additionally, the Inferno is made with Sierra Madre’s HydraShield fabrics which offer water resistance — if the snow begins to melt or unexpected rain hits, the water shakes right off. The insulation is made up of ultra-light 800 Fill Power Downtek that repels moisture and maintains a fluffy, dry interior.

Right now, the Inferno is available on Kickstarter in various temperature combinations starting at $179. The project already surpassed its goal twice over with 37 days left to campaign. Backers are expected to receive their orders this November, just in time to give it a true test of its winter resistance.

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