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Scoot around town on the Kiwano K01 electric scooter — or have it follow you

Since the reveal of the original Segway, self-balancing transportation has taken off in a variety of styles and methods. Joining the market is the Kiwano K01 electric scooter.

The Kiwano electric scooter uses a sleek design to provide a stable, intuitive mode of transportation. Like other self-balancing scooters on the market, the Kiwano features responsive body control. What truly sets it apart is its ability to control wirelessly. Users can get off, press a button, and the Kiwano will follow along.

Using a lightweight structure of carbon fiber and zinc alloy, the Kiwano electric scooter is able to pack a punch even with its slim design. The powerful wheel hub motor can push riders up to 20 miles per hour. Even riders in hilly areas like San Francisco can get around on inclines of up to 35 percent. If the scooter feels too fast or powerful, riders can easily switch between modes for a more comfortable riding experience.

Electricity stores in individual LC battery cells located in the central neck of the scooter. With all the issues around exploding phones and hoverboards, a fireproof safety shield encases the batteries to prevent this from happening. Charging the batteries takes only an hour for up to 20 miles of range.

Other features of the Kiwano allow for some fun. A shock suspension system not only creates a smooth ride in bumpy areas, it also allows riders to perform jumps like on a pogo stick. The scooter has also been IP54 certified. What this means is that the body protects against dust and splashing water. Riders should have no problem driving through puddles and dirt patches. For sharing the excitement, the Kiwano also features a free mount for a GoPro camera to attach above the wheel.

Using the companion app, owners gain extra features such as wireless control. Here the scooter can either be controlled at the press of a button or set to follow along as riders walk. Additionally, owners can calibrate their desired launch positioning depending on how much they would like to lean forward. Other features of the app include checking the speed, battery, distance, and route map. Regular firmware updates to the battery and motor processors will also ensure that the scooter is at its best.

For safety, the foldable footpegs feature anti-slip grip to keep the rider on board. Head and tail lights also keep the rider visible even during low-light conditions. To keep track of the essential data like battery level and speed, a small LCD display sits at the top of the central neck. When the ride is done, a discreet kickstand folds out for easily storing the scooter anywhere.

The Kiwano K01 is available for pre-order for a discounted price of $800. Consumers can choose between road or all-terrain tires, fender and grip color and other accessories like a helmet and rapid charger. Shipments go out in July.

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