The Klymit Double V is the sleeping pad solution for backpacking couples

klymit double v klymitdv
Backpacking usually equates to hauling individual gear — one tent, one sleeping pad, and one sleeping bag per person, but if you’re hiking with a loved one, popular outdoor design company Klymit offers a great gear-minimizing solution. The Kylmit Double V is an inflatable two-person sleeping pad light and rugged enough to contend with single pads in the backcountry.

The Double V is based on Klymit’s popular Static V sleeping pad, an inflatable air pad designed with mapped V-shaped chambers that prevent excessive air movement and innovative side walls that keep the body centered. The Double V is essentially two Static V’s joined together, allowing for a couple to rest comfortably on individually balanced pads, which reduces the transmission of movement between sides.

The pad measures 47 by 74 by 3 inches, making enough room for two average-sized users without excessive space.

The product is designed to withstand rugged surface conditions, boasting 75 denier polyester material with exceptional abrasion and puncture resistance. Additionally, the sleeping pad comes with its own handy patch kit in case of an emergency.

One of the unique features of the Kylmit V includes deep weld patterning, which provides superior thermal comfort with the creation of lofted expansion zones. The included stuff sack doubles as the inflation bag, serving as an additional innovation. To inflate the pad, the large bag is filled with air then rolled out into the chambers to full inflation, effectively eliminating the need for any form of lung power.

The Klymit Double V weighs 40.5 ounces and packs up tightly, serving as a great lightweight option for backpacking and equally acceptable product for car camping. The Double V is just slightly heavier than two Static Vs, weighing 18 ounces individually.

The Double V sleeping pad retails for $130 on the Klymit website.

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