Low-speed street racing: A $400 Lamborghini was made for your feet

Owning a Lamborghini is outside most people’s reach as prices for the luxury sports cars are usually in the six figures. But for anyone who really loves the Italian auto manufacturer, though, there may be another way to own a Lamborghini.

After teaming up with Japanese sneaker brand Mizuno, Lamborghini created its own running shoe. The shoes are called the Wave Tenjin 2 and are the latest shoe from a five-year partnership starting in 2015. Just like the cars that inspired it, the Wave Tenjin 2 are built with performance and quality in mind.

A lightweight polyester mesh makes up most of the body of the shoe and it is combined with a carbon fiber-inspired synthetic material that comfortably wraps the foot. The inspiration for the shoe’s design comes from the look of the Aventador rear window and the iconic hexagonal pattern. A reflective hexagon on the heel provides safety for the runner while also giving the suggestion of tail lights.

The sole itself is made out of X10, a rubber and carbon fiber mixture used for its great resistance. High-impact areas in the heel will last longer and provide increased traction for the runner. During midstance, the shape of the sole dissipates the impact while adding the perfect flex for thrust.

Additionally, the midsole uses Mizuno’s best blend of lightness and comfort. Just as Lamborghini means high end and luxury cars, Mizuno has carried that over into its shoes.

The Automobili Lamborghini Wave Tenjin 2 running shoes are available for $401 on Mizuno’s website. Three color variations are available including gold and navy, black and red, or white and gray. Alternatively, some color variations of the earlier models are currently available at a discounted price. Red, green, or white can be purchased for $241.

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