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Drinks on the go: This Airstream trailer houses a full bar, and you can rent it

A symbol of trailer travel for the better part of the last 50 years, an Airstream trailer is a timeless staple of road trips. Now, a company out of the United Kingdom has fashioned a 1970s-era model into a fully-stocked mobile bar. It’s dubbed the Apollo 70 Airstream Bar.

This genius bit of DIY work turned an Airstream Land Yacht into an event friendly transportable bar boasting a staggering amount of storage for beer, wine, and liquor. Despite it originating in Europe, the Apollo 70 Airstream Bar is available for events all over the globe.

Though the company behind this creation shared little in the way of the actual process, it appears as though Apollo 70 simply stripped the trailer’s interior completely before installing its own custom-made digs. From metal countertops to built-in refrigerators and freezers, the Airstream Bar has it all. In addition to the company providing the digs fully staffed, it also comes standard with a top-of-the-line surround sound system, satellite TV access, and customizable fiber optic ceiling with lighting capable of changing color as the renter sees fit.

“The most important part of any business, as you know, is its people,” read the Apollo 70 site. “We pride ourselves on being professional and courteous. Our team can fulfill any commitment with the assurance of being reliable and presentable. We have gone the extra mile to produce something extraordinary with our Land Yacht. Our remit was always to offer the best and we believe we have delivered. A 70s retro platform to enhance, excite and entertain. A vehicle to promote, launch or inspire using the most visual Airstream around.”

Equal parts retro trailer and modern bar, Apollo 70’s Airstream watering hole is about as hip as it gets for catered events. Aside from its high-quality construction, modern design, and the fact it boasts all the fixings capable of turning any function into a bonafide party, Apollo 70 remains incredibly dedicated to delivering a top-flight experience. Furthermore, it says it offers anything from Belgian chocolates to gourmet American street food. In other words, there’s nothing quite like the Apollo 70 Airstream Bar.

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