LitraTorch is the go anywhere, do anything light for your next outdoor adventure

Litra has been in the lighting business for years, creating high-end LED lights for movie filming, photography, sports stadiums and other consumer electronics companies. The company has taken this know-how and used it to create the LitraTorch, a rugged and powerful 2200-lumen lighting system. Compact and efficient, the LitraTorch will light your way as you paddle along the river’s edge or trek upwards to your next summit.

The LitraTorch has a conventional look and a physical design that adds to its versatility. The designer shaped the unit so it is compatible with GoPro wide angle mounts and can fit into the action camera’s Session cage. This support for the GoPro standards allows the light to be mounted in a variety of different locations that are not reachable by standard handheld and head-mounted flashlights. The flexibility makes it ideal for outdoors filming session. When you are not recording and just need some strong lights, the beam angle (80 degrees)  is designed to match the human eye, providing you with optimal lighting experience.

The Torch’s LED is supplied by a Tier 1 manufacturer, which uses only the best quality components in the construction of the light. The LED supports up to 2200 lumens as a flash with settings for 100, 450, and 800 lumens available. The unit includes a battery that provides up to 7 hours of operation in strobe mode and 4 hours at 100 lumens. It can be recharged on the go using a microUSB cable.When you are in a tough spot, you don’t have to worry about durability as the Litra can take a beating. It has a 810G mil-spec design that protects it from shock, drop temperature, and salt spray. It’s also waterproof, so you can take it underwater and illuminate the depths (up to 10m) of the ocean as you explore.

The LitraTorch will retail for $80 when it launches next year. It is available now for pre-order via a Kickstarter campaign. Current prices for the Torch starts at $55 for a single unit and $105 for a double Torch package. Each Torch includes a GoPro mount, belt clip, diffuser bulb, USB charger, and a silicone sleeve to hold it all together.

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