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Camping with bad coffee again? The Lume coffee grinder makes it fresh

For campers, it is all about that morning ritual after spending the night in a tent. Upon waking up to the early morning sun, nothing cuts through the brisk air better than a fresh cup of coffee. Rather than using stale grounds or instant coffee, the portable Lume coffee grinder provides the freshest grounds for a better morning.

At just 22 ounces, Lume is the lightest auto-grinder available on the market. It’s roughly the size of a water bottle, meaning coffee lovers can pack it along pretty much anywhere. Whether at home, on a business trip, or in a tent, Lume provides plenty of grinding power for a fresh cup.

“Today’s travel grinders are mostly manual. And they come with one major flaw — the burr is not stabilized, causing it to rock back and forth while grinding,” Lume Design founder Penn Li said in a statement. “That generates wildly different ground sizes. Then these inconsistent particles go on to become either under or over-extracted during the brewing process, resulting in a flaccid or bitter tasting cup of coffee.”

Using a patent-pending process, Lume’s compact stabilized conical ceramic burr system provides consistent grounds similar to higher-end commercial grinders, but at a fraction of the size. Depending on a user’s preference, grounds can be adjusted to for a variety of sizes.

For added convenience at a campsite, Lume features six ultra-bright LED lights. As a camping light, this versatile device provides 150 Lumens of light. For campers looking to bring less to the campsite, Lume’s multitasking makes it more essential for the trip. Powering the grinder is a rechargeable battery with up to 20 hours of light or 50 cups worth of coffee grounds. Recharging is made simple with a standard mini-USB charging port.

Lume is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, starting at the early bird price of $59. The grinder comes in fitting Coffee color, but other variants are available in limited quantity for the price of $119. Additional colors include Matcha Green, Glacier Gray, and Rose Quartz. Coffee drinkers looking for a better cup on the go can expect deliveries to go out this November.

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