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Zoom around town in style on Mercane Wheels’ foldable, electric Transboard

In this day and age, there exist more ways to get around the city than ever. Each year brings more alternatives to automobiles and now, Mercane Wheels has made sure its latest scooter easily fits into any kind of lifestyle. Dubbed the Transboard, Mercane designed this three-wheeled electric scooter to handle daily commutes in dense cities and sprawling countrysides. It combines speed, stability, and comfort to make any commute an enjoyable one.

To keep it light and sturdy, Transboard features an aluminum alloy frame with a polycarbonate cover. Built into the frame is a one-gesture folding system for compact transport into an office or subway. Furthermore, the foldable design supports riders up to 220 pounds.

Powering the three-wheeled scooter is a 500-watt BLDC Hub motor and a 48-volt battery. With a full charge, riders have the ability to commute for up to 25 miles at a top speed of 22 miles per hour. Though comfort issues pop up when traveling longer distances, the Transboard features a double wishbone suspension to keep the rides smooth. After the battery drains, a new charge takes roughly six hours. If needed, the battery case detaches to allow riders to charge it wherever they go.

“The vast majority of scooters on the market today are outfitted with just two wheels in order to keep them compact and ensure versatility,” said Mercane Wheels CEO Mark Min in a press release. “Transboard has three wheels and a more balanced design so riders won’t have to constantly find their balance — this means a more safe, more comfortable ride for extended periods of time.”

Additional features include a LED display with a function button. With this, riders have the option to check their speed or adjust various settings including power, cruise mode, headlights, and horn. The LED head and tail lights keep the Transboard well lit during evening commutes.

Mercane Wheels’ updated Transboard begins its Indigogo campaign on March 22 in order to fund its final development. For the final stage, Mercane Wheels set a fundraising goal of at least $30,000. Early backers have an opportunity to snag the Transboard for just $500 — which represents a 60 percent discount off the final retail price. The colors available are gloss black and white.

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