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This folding fat-tire ebike does 85 miles on a single charge, and also fits in your trunk

MOAR - All Terrain, All Purpose, All Fun
The weather’s getting warmer, the winter sweaters are going away for another year, and naturally a young guy or gal’s mind turns to which electric bike they’ll be riding this season.

Well, the folks behind new Indiegogo campaign Moar Bike think they have the answer and, provided they can deliver on it, who are we to argue?

“Ebikes up to now have been pretty rudimentary,” Ken Chung, one of the brains behind Moar, told Digital Trends. “You take a bike, add battery and motor and — voila! — there you go. Nobody had ever thought of the bike as a whole system, for the real people who use them. We wanted to change that. Many people are returning to biking to work now, not just for fun, and more young people are going by without a driver’s license. So that’s what we want Moar to be: a personal mobility solution.”

In essence, what this highfalutin talk adds up to is that Moar is an all-in-one electric bike which requires zero upgrades. You get everything you need right out of the box (well, assuming it ships in a box), and that equates to a pretty impressive piece of kit.

Specifically, Moar is a full suspension “fat bike” boasting a folding frame, oversized tires, 85 mile range, 750w motor, 48v lithium ion battery, 1,000-lumen dual LED projection headlights, turn signals, brake lights, waterproof electronics, and more.

While we haven’t gotten the chance to ride it yet, it certainly seems intent on offering the best experience going — and the fact that it can both carry us up and down hills all day on a single charge, and fold up to half its size when it’s not being used makes it the perfect commuter bike.

Moar’s creators are currently taking pre-orders on Indiegogo, where there are three different models on offer. These offer slightly different features, depending on what you have planned for it, but price options range from $999 to $1,999.

The finished units should be pedalling their way to you this May.

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