Go on a ‘National Parks Adventure’ with Robert Redford and Netflix

America’s national parks are home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes found anywhere on the planet, which is why they continue to be popular vacation destinations year in and year out. But during cold weather and heavy snow, it can be difficult to visit your favorite park. Thankfully, Netflix can help with this problem as the streaming service is currently hosting one of the best documentaries ever made about these amazing places.

Nestled amongst the new arrivals for February is National Parks Adventure, a 2016 film that was originally shown in IMAX theaters around the country. Narrated by Robert Redford, the documentary joins three travelers who set out to explore some of the vast landscapes that are found in the parks. Those adventurous travelers include the likes of mountaineer and explorer Conrad Anker, climber and artist Rachel Pohl, and photographer and filmmaker Max Lowe.

The film is also an interesting study of the history of the parks, which began way back in 1872 when Yellowstone was declared the first national park in the world. In 1890, Yosemite would become the second, but there would be many more added to the U.S. park system in the years that followed. Today, there are 59 national parks, each of which is managed by the National Park Service, which was created in 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson.

National Parks Adventure

While an IMAX theater is the perfect place to watch this stunning documentary, its addition to the Netflix catalog opens it up to a much wider audience for the first time. The film shows the sweeping landscapes, amazing wildlife, and wonderful outdoor settings that comprise the national parks like never before. It also serves as a good reminder of just how special — and fragile — these places can be, particularly in an era where protected lands are increasingly under attack.

You can check out the trailer for National Parks Adventure above to get a sense of what the film is about. Then head over to Netflix to add it to your queue or begin watching now. On a cold winter weekend, it just might be the cure for cabin fever, particularly as you wait for the 2018 Super Bowl to begin.