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Always shoot the perfect basket with the brainy Noah Basketball

What is Noah Basketball?
Never miss another basket with Noah Basketball. By analyzing the shot arc and depth, players can hone in on the optimal shot and build up the muscle memory.

Noah Basketball is a high-tech sensor that gives real-time feedback on two critical variables of a shot. Years of research has shown that there are two optimal numbers in every shot. With an entry angle of 45 degrees and a shot depth of 11 inches, this perfect shot will never miss. What the Noah system does is analyze a player’s shot and audibly calls out these two measurements.

Noah’s research also shows that less than 10 percent of high school players shoot with these golden numbers. While this doesn’t necessarily mean players will miss their shots, it does lead to a lower percentage of free throw shots. The problem lies with the player’s inability to see their own arc or where the ball enters the basket. Even coaches have a hard time giving them more than vague suggestions.

With Noah Basketball, players can keep shooting until they hear those magic numbers. Every shot after that will fine tune their muscle memory. This technology isn’t just for high school players either. Many college teams have made use of the tech and more recently, the sensor began being utilized by professional teams like the Los Angeles Clippers.

“We use it every day, and it is making our players better,” said Clippers assistant coach John Welch in a statement to SportTechie. “Practice makes perfect only when you are practicing the right shot. If a player is working on the same shot over and over, but their arc is off, they are going to be running in circles.”

Throwing that perfect shot is the best feeling you can ask for. With Noah Basketball, you’ll be able to get that feeling every time.

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