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This hammock transforms into a backpack that you can take anywhere

The ancient Japanese art of origami allows practitioners to take a simple piece of paper and transform it into any number of clever and creative things. Origami has also served as an inspiration for designers, as well, allowing them to create everything from folding kayaks to unique couches, and even robots.

Now, a new product that recently launched on Kickstarter uses the same folding techniques found in this art form to create a hammock that can quickly and easily transform into a backpack as needed.

The Nomad Hammock looks a lot like just about any other hammock currently on the market. It is made from soft materials that are stretchy, durable, and highly breathable. It can be set up in just a matter of minutes using a pair of heavy-duty straps that attach to two trees, allowing the Nomad to be used in both seated and prone positions depending on your mood.

The origami aspects of the Nomad’s design come into play when it isn’t being used as a hammock. After detaching it from the trees, it quickly and easily folds into a backpack that not only conceals its original purpose, but also allows users to carry all of their necessary gear and supplies for a day outdoors. In backpack form, the Nomad has a carrying capacity of 20 liters and features shoulder straps to make it easy to haul around. It also includes a rain cover for when the weather takes an unexpected turn.

Tipping the scales at 3.9 pounds, the Nomad is heavy for a hammock or a backpack, but isn’t too bad for combination of both. Those looking for a lightweight experience can still probably find a combination of the two that is lighter, but that won’t likely offer the same level of convenience found here. The Nomad is likely to appeal to a more casual crowd that isn’t looking for an overnight hammock-camping experience.

The designers behind the Nomad are hoping to raise $31,000 to get the hammock/backpack into production. If successful, they hope to begin shipping the finished product in June of this year at a price of $240. As with most crowdfunding experiences, nothing is sure thing however, and readers are always encouraged to exercise caution before investing.

Find out more on the Nomad Hammock’s official Kickstarter page.

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