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Forget oiling your chain, Crono uses a belt drive and automatic hub

Commuting to work on a bicycle comes with its own challenges. For starters, that greasy chain can rub against that nice pair of pants and leave an unsightly stain. With a belt drive, this wouldn’t even be an issue.

To combat that problem, Pedale88 revealed the Crono, an affordable, belt-driven bicycle that won’t require a whole lot of maintenance. Carbon-belt drives don’t require grease or oil like typical chains do. Commuters will spend more time getting to work and less time fussing with their pant legs. Other benefits include being lightweight, durable, and offering a smooth and quiet ride.

Designer and Pedale88 founder Vincenzo Severino was inspired to create a bicycle that was easier to maintain and wouldn’t break the bank. “Since moving to Scotland from southern Italy, I have been constantly battling with the elements,” Severino said. “Colder temperatures, rain, and wind make bike maintenance a hassle in Scotland, but even in my hometown, the hot and dry weather meant it was always a challenge to keep bikes in the best condition. The belt-driven system offers a fantastic compromise — and makes owning a bike much more pleasurable and significantly less complicated!”

Just because Crono is built to be affordable, doesn’t mean it lacks more premium features. The wheels are 45-millimeter Deep V rims that offer a more aerodynamic and stable ride. Attaching the front wheel to the frame is a glossy carbon fork. This cuts down on weight while maintaining durability. The frame itself is an ultra lightweight aluminum frame. Protecting it from the elements is a thick layer of powder-coated, scratch-resistant paint. Owners can pick between matte gray, matte black, or navy camouflage.

For commuting in dense city traffic, cyclists should be spending more time concentrated on the road and less on their shifters. While a fixed speed model is available, the Crono features an automatic two or three-speed hub. A centrifugal clutch changes gears when needed, cyclists only need to pedal.

Currently, Crono is available for pre-order through Kickstarter. For $612, people can pick up a single-speed model. Those looking for the automatic two-speed model can pledge a little more at $645. For three speed, cyclists can pledge either $700 or upgrade their existing pledge for $55. Shipments are scheduled to take place in September.

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