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Petzl Sitta Harness uses Spectra strands in minimal yet comfortable design

Climbing equipment company Petzl introduces the Sitta climbing harness, a fully featured technical piece made with Wireframe technology. Although extremely lightweight and compact, this product is versatile enough to withstand the most rigorous alpine expeditions.

The minimalist design of most lightweight harnesses equates to a lack of padding in the waist belt and leg loops, usually resulting in decreased comfort. Petzl challenges this notion with its new Sitta harness, constructed from Spectra fabric to ensure proper load distribution.

Spectra is an extremely high-strength, low-abrasion fabric that is also lightweight and has become increasingly popular in climbing gear. The Sitta comprises optimally incorporated strands throughout the leg loops and waistband to serve as an effective substitute for traditional foam. This construction avoids pressure points in addition to providing excellent wear resistance and increased freedom of movement.

While other products tend to pinch and chafe, the Sitta’s light weight and elegant design prevent that kind of contact with the body, and this is especially true of its elasticized leg loops. High-tenacity polyethylene is implemented into important tie-in points for increased durability.

The DoubleBack HD buckle is made of lightweight aluminum and its small, rounded design provides for easy handling and adjustment. The adjustment strap is ribbed to prevent accidental loosening while in motion. The product boasts an impressive 270 gram weight and can be easily folded into the included compact carrying case or stuffed into the bottom of your pack.

The Sitta is designed for fully technical climbing, offering two high-capacity stiff front gear loops, two flexible rear gear loops, two Caritool tool holder slots, and a rear haul loop. It is adaptable enough to be used for a day of sport climbing at the crag or a technical ice climbing venture, and comfortable enough for projecting short climbs or hanging at belays on multi-pitch routes. The product is fully CE, EN, and UIAA certified.

The harness is available in small, medium, and large sizes for $170 through Petzl’s website.

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