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Bugatti and PG's bicycle collaboration weighs less than 12 pounds and costs $39,000

To give hardcore bicyclists something to drool over, PG recently teamed up with Bugatti to design and manufacture the perfect urban bicycle. With PG’s expertise in bike development and Bugatti’s iconic design and reputation, this high-tech bike is unrivaled in quality, construction, and (of course) price.

What immediately sets the PG Bugatti Bike apart from the rest is its incredibly light weight frame. Carbon fiber makes up more that 95 percent of the material, allowing it to weigh less than 12 pounds. At this weight, a cyclist might forget they’re even riding anything at all. Upon request, each PG Bugatti Bike features customization to match the esteemed car company’s own Bugatti automobiles. Various colors are available via special paints, colored carbon, along with numerous types of available leather options. Though, what ends up bringing the entire bike together lies with Bugatti’s pearl oval.

Aside from its aesthetic, the bicycle features an array of top-notch materials. Its frame, fork, rims, handlebar, seat, seat post, crank, and brakes all feature the highest quality carbon fiber available on the market today. By pairing this with reinforced cross sections, the bicycle ensures maximum rigidity — which remains a welcome feature considering its exorbitant price tag (more on that below).

PG handcrafted all its carbon components in Germany, using techniques found only in the motorsport and aeronautic industries. In other words, owners of this collaboration get to ride the lightest and most rigid bike possible.

When owning a bicycle created by one of the top car manufacturers, people expect a certain level of finesse. Not only is the bike’s frame incredibly light, PG optimized all cross sections to achieve optimal aerodynamics at high speeds. Just like its cars, Bugatti helped design the bicycle to be fast.

PG and Bugatti only manufactured a mere 667 of these worldwide, making it an extremely limited run bicycle. As touched on above, the companies individually tailor each bike specifically to the rider and along with its high-quality parts and materials, set a starting price tag for the collab at an astounding $39,000. Like Bugatti’s stunning lineup of automobiles, quality comes at a price.

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