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Pod 3 is a modular GPS tracker for use with virtually anything

One of the biggest fears of any pet owner is having their animal escape and get lost outdoors, potentially never to be seen again. But two years ago, a small start-up out of Sydney, Australia, created a device called the Pod to protect against just such an occurrence. The Pod is a GPS tracking device that can be attached to your pet’s collar, allowing you to track their location right from your smartphone.

Since its release the tracker has seen a few incremental updates, and it’s about get its most substantial redesign yet with the release of the Pod 3, a modular GPS device that delivers even more functionality.

Pod Trackers, the company behind the Pod 3, has managed to pack a lot of technology inside this tiny device. Not only does it come with GPS capabilities, but it is also equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 2G/3G cellular networking features too. This gives the user the ability to track the gadget in real time, both indoors and outdoors, across 175 countries worldwide, using an app for both iOS and Android.

GPS tracking of this kind isn’t all that new, and we’ve seen it offered in other devices before. But what sets the Pod 3 apart not only from the company’s previous generation of Pod trackers, but from the competition as well, is its modular capabilities. The gadget has been designed to accept a number of special modules that snap into place along one end. These modules add functionality to the device beyond its tracking capabilities.

For instance, one module converts the tracker into a light and location strobe, while another is an extended-life battery that allows the Pod 3 to continue functioning for up to two weeks between charges. Other modules include a USB dock to keep the GPS working at all times and an ultrasonic speaker that emits a “discreet, high frequency noise” designed to keep birds away. Those last two modules are made to be used on a boat, car, or other vehicle.

Pod 3 - The customizable modular GPS tracker for everything

The standard Pod 3 device is waterproof, impact resistant, and is smaller and lighter than previous versions. It can run for up to five days on its standard rechargeable battery, and it comes with a simple reusable strap that allows it to be connected to just about anything. This makes it a good choice for not only tracking your pet, but other valuables such as a car, bike, or luggage, too.

Pod Trackers was hoping to raise $50,000 through its Kickstarter campaign to get the Pod 3 into production, but with just a few days left before those efforts come to an end, it has brought more than three times that amount. That means that the device should begin shipping to supports in March, when it will also go on sale for $149. If you hurry and pre-order one now, however, you can get one for as low as $99.

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