The Polar V800 GPS watch is updated with GoPro and Stryd support

Polar, a manufacturer of sports and fitness devices, announced it is adding some interesting new features to one of its most popular wearables. Owners of the V800 multisport GPS watch will soon have the ability to connect with a GoPro Hero 5 camera, as well as the Stryd power meter for runners, giving them better access to training metrics as a result. The new functionality is available via the latest software update for the V800, which should be available on Thursday.

Once installed, the updated allows users to connect their V800 to a GoPro Hero 5 via Bluetooth, giving them the ability to change the camera’s settings, start and stop video recording, and take photos directly from the watch itself. They will also be able to review the resolution of photos and video, check their frames-per-second settings, and monitor video field of view information right from the V800’s screen. In addition to being able to control the camera directly from the watch, users also gain the ability to add highlights from their workouts directly into their videos too.

polar v800 gopro stryd 2

The inclusion of support for the Stryd power meter will be especially useful for serious runners. The device is the first power meter designed specifically for running, keeping track of a host of metrics throughout a workout. When paired with a V800, that data can be displayed on the watch’s screen in real time, keeping athletes abreast of their current performance. Some of the metrics tracked include power, elevation, cadence, pace, distance, and much more. With that data at their fingertips, competitive runners can easily identify areas that they need to focus on to become faster and more efficient.

In addition to these new features, the V800 ships with GPS tracking, daily activity monitoring, built-in personal training programs, calorie counting, sleep tracking, and more. When paired with a smartphone, the watch can even display incoming text messages, alerts, and social media updates. It sells for $500.