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Save up to 30% on top outdoor brands with REI’s annual Gear Up And Get Out sale

Starting today and running through November 25, REI is hosting its annual pre-Black Friday Gear Up and Get Out sale. Like many of its other sales, the deals are wide-ranging, and from top-name brands you’ve heard of, including Patagonia, Rossignol, Arc’teryx, Yakima, and many others. The amount you save varies, but a significant amount of inventory is available for at least 20% to 30% off, with a few items getting slashed 40% or more.

Like last year, REI is bringing back its special promotion for members. During the sale, when using the code GEARUP2019, you can save an additional 20% on one full-priced item not included in the Gear Up and Get Out sale, and an extra 20% on any single REI Outlet item, too.

Depending on what you’re buying, spending the extra $20 for the lifetime co-op membership might make sense, especially if you’re going to use the codes to buy something big, like a new pair of skis or a snowboard. From our understanding, the code is useable right away as soon as you’re a member.

Peak deals

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This year’s peak deals — some of the sale’s most significant savings — we’ve heard about so far include a deals its in-house Wallace clothing and Trail Pod sleeping bag lines. But that shouldn’t be too shocking though as REI usually does it this way most years. Here are the best deals we spotted so far.

  • Up to $50 Off Trail Pod 15 Sleeping Bags
  • Up to $50 off Trail Pod 30 Sleeping Bags
  • $65 Off Wallace Lake Down Shirt Jackets
  • $51 off Wallace Lake Sweaters

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Arc’teryx isn’t cheap, so when you can find it on sale, it’s an excellent idea to take advantage of those sales when they happen. The brand is known for some of the best quality winter outerwear and some of the warmest, too. The brand’s insulation techniques are top-notch, and we’ve never been cold in any of their coats we’ve tried.

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Garmin Instinct
Are you looking for a new smartwatch? REI has several models of Garmin’s popular fitness-centric smartwatches on sale as part of its sale. These watches make perfect gifts for those looking for a smartwatch that is more focused on fitness monitoring than apps, although some of the higher-end models work as well as any Apple or Samsung smartwatch.

  • Save $100 on the Garmin Instinct GPS
  • Save $100 on the Garmin Forerunner 945 GPS
  • Save $150 on the Garmin Fenix 5X Plus
  • Save $150 on the Garmin Fenix 5S Plus
  • Save $200 on the Garmin Descent MK1 Dive Watch


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Patagonia jackets are easily recognizable for their trademark colorful palettes and puffy appearance. While not as expensive as Arc’teryx, they’re still quite a bit more than your average department store jacket. But jackets aren’t the only thing Patagonia makes — it has quite the selection of comfortable clothes ranging from sweaters to hoodies and parkas. We found a few outstanding deals that we’d like to share with you.

  • $24 off Men’s Patagonia Lightweight Fjord Flannel Shirt
  • $30 off all Boys and Girls Patagonia Nano Puff Jackets
  • $43 off Men’s Patagonia Better Sweater Fleece Jacket
  • $57 off Women’s Patagonia Radalie Insulated Jacket
  • $90 off Women’s Patagonia Micropuff Insulated Hoodie

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Winter is right around the corner, and while there isn’t a large selection in the Gear Up and Get Out sale when it comes to skis, REI does have a few excellent deals from Rossignol available, primarily in the beginner ski category. One of the skis, the Experience 76s, is a slightly wider (and prior year) version of the skis we plan to recommend as part of our 2019-20 Best Skis list.

  • $46 off Boys and Girls Experience Pro Skis with Bindings
  • $80 off Men’s Smash 7 Skis with Bindings
  • $80 off Women’s Smash 7 Skis with Bindings
  • $100 of Men’s and Women’s Experience 76 CI Skis with Bindings

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