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With the Rome Citizen Bike, you can take your 2-wheeler wherever you fly

rome citizen bike  with case
Taking a bike on the subway system of New York is difficult enough, so of course, most of us would never even consider flying with our two-wheeled vehicles. But with the Rome Citizen Bike, you can bid inconvenience adieu (at least, when it comes to transporting bicycles). The bike not only folds into a more convenient form, but also comes with an airplane-friendly roller bag, so you can roll your bike around on an extra set of wheels.

Lightweight enough to actually travel with, the Rome (when folded and stored) is about the size of a standard suitcase. Capable of being folded down in seconds, you’ll only be carrying about 21 pounds of bike with you when you take to the skies (which, let’s be honest, is probably less than the bulk of clothing you’ve packed for your expedition).

“Rome is based on the goal of how great would it be if you could easily and affordably travel with a bike — without any technical concerns. We designed features to remove any obstacle to simply unfold and go,” said Citizen Bike founder, Avery Pack. “Citizen is about supporting a lifestyle of going and being human. We just want more people to get out there and roam.”

The bicycle promises to come packed with a number of “worry-free” features, like the Airless Muffin tires that give way for flat-free, low-maintenance riding. Then, there’s the single-speed, chainless belt drive that allows for simple and durable construction, and will never require any grease. Even with its carrying case, the entire bike weighs under 30 pounds, so you shouldn’t have to worry about paying oversized or overweight baggage fees.

Citizen Bike comes with a companion smartphone app that can allow you to share your biking adventures and track others’ routes, so when you do decide to roam the world, you can see how others have done it before you. And while this level of convenience may seem like something that will cost you a pretty penny, Citizen Bike aims to keep its products affordable. As such, the Rome’s price tag is a rather diminutive $499.

That said, this isn’t necessarily the bike for a serious cyclist, but if you’re simply looking for an environmentally friendly and economical way to get around the world, the Rome Citizen Bike may be worth a closer look.

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