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Scubajet adds propulsion to kayaks, canoes, and even divers

scubajet jet engine water sports header
Scubajet hopes to do for water sports what Bosch and similar ebike motor manufacturers have done for the biking industry. The Austrian company aims to make water sports “more awesome” by adding an eco-friendly propulsion system to water sports, which are typically people-powered. According to the manufacturer, its high-torque motor will turn any water sports craft into “high-performance gear.”

As its name implies, Scubajet is a water jet propulsion system with an electric motor that is powered by an onboard battery capable of providing up to four hours of use with the standard 400Wh battery. The high-performance jet delivers up 44 pounds of thrust allowing the unit to move up to 9 mph through the water. The Scubajet is also lightweight and compact — measuring 1.65 inches in length and 3.1 inches in diameter, and weighing a mere 6.6 pounds, making it one of the smallest diver propulsion systems available today. Similar to an ebike motor, the high-performance, high-torque motor is emission free.

Scubajet is for more than just divers. It also is compatible with paddle boards, kayaks, and other small watercraft. It operates at three different speeds, allowing you to cruise along or troll slowly for fish. Other features include a wireless remote control ring for divers, a removable battery that is easy to swap out, an LED light for use in low-light conditions and a saltwater-resistant design that allows you to go from ocean to lake without missing a beat.

To maximize its usefulness, Scubajet has partnered with leading water sports manufacturers to create a mounting system that makes it easy to add propulsion to your favorite gear. The company provides more than 20 different mounts that allow you to attach the Scubajet to a kayak, dinghy, SUP board, and even to diving or snorkeling gear for the ultimate underwater adventure.

The mounts are designed to be easy to attach — no technical skills are required. In some cases, such as with a SUP board, no tools are needed as the Scubajet finbox adapter replaces the existing removable fin. You simply slide off the fin and slide on the Scubajet.

The Scubajet is expected to ship in August 2017 and is priced between 1,190 and 1,490 euros ($1,400-$1,700) depending on the configuration. Owners also can purchase additional battery packs such as the 320Wh or 200Wh travel battery packs, which provide an extra 2-3 hours of power.

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