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This is Lou — an electric skateboard that lets you travel at 20 miles per hour

Meet Lou: The REAL Electric Skateboard
Hailing from Switzerland, SoFlow has assembled a team of skateboard enthusiasts and tech lovers to develop a line of electric-powered scooters, skateboards, and other vehicles. The company is preparing to expand its product catalog with the award-winning Lou, the company’s lightest and fastest electric skateboard.

Lou takes the best features of a traditional skateboard and makes them better by adding a motor. Instead of bolting a large motor onto the deck, however,SoFlow cleverly hides an electric motor inside the wheels. And the low-maintenance motor is no slouch. It provides between 1.5 to 3KM of power and accelerates the skateboard at a respectable 35 km/h (20 mph). The motor also has low resistance which translates into a ride that has a more natural feel.

Underneath the hood, the motor is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is embedded into the skateboard’s frame. It is accessible and replaceable simply by removing the deck plate. The battery takes two hours to charge and can power the skateboard for up to 9 miles. The motor, the battery, and the rest of the board can stand up to the elements thanks to Lou’s water-resistant design.

Though Lou has its fair share of embedded tech, the board is designed from the bottom up to appeal to skateboarders. The deck is made from carbon fiber, making the skateboard lightweight and durable. The deck plates also are replaceable and available in a variety of designs. Not only can you swap the plates to match your style, but you also can replace them when they get worn out.

When it comes to maintenance and longevity, SoFlow did not forget about the wheels underneath the deck which bear the brunt of the usage. Both the motorized and non-motorized wheels are replaceable, which means your board can always ride like new.

SoFlow is making Lou available via a Kickstarter campaign that is slated to begin on April 13 and last until May 28, 2017.

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