Specalized's new ebike is designed to hide the motor and battery inside of it

One of the biggest challenges with designing an ebike is trying to make it not look like an ebike. Because they come equipped with an electric motor and a bulky battery to power it, most ebikes have large frames that can look and feel ponderous while out on the road. But, with the introduction if its new Turbo Vado 5.0, Specialized is trying to change that by introducing a sleeker, more streamlined design that just might turn the heads of even hardcore traditional cyclists.

When creating the newest edition of the Turbo Vado Specialized’s designers went to great lengths to integrate its 350-watt motor and 604 watt-hour battery completely into the frame. The result is a bike that more closely resembles a standard urban commuter than most other electric models currently on the market. But don’t let the Turbo Vado’s looks fool you. At its heart, it is still an ebike capable of providing a pedal assist of up to 28 miles per hour with an estimated maximum range of 80 miles. And with a recharge time of about 4.5 hours, riders won’t experience much downtime either.

In addition to its refined look, the Turbo Vado also comes equipped with a number of other high-tech features. For instance, it has a 2.2-inch touchscreen display for controlling and monitoring its settings, built-in front and rear lights, and a micro-USB port for recharging mobile devices while on the go. It even has Bluetooth connectivity that allows iOS and Android users to control the settings of the bike from an app, as well as monitor distance traveled, average, speed, cadence, and so on. The app also comes with Strava compatibility and can be used to not only diagnose issues with the bike but also provide turn-by-turn GPS navigation as well.

In terms of cycling components, the Turbo Vado is well covered. It not only uses an array of Specialized’s own in-house equipment but parts from Shimano and Tektro Zurich, too. It comes with custom-built rear and front hubs, dual fenders, and an integrated rack designed to hold a backpack or briefcase.

The Turbo Vado retails for $4,600 and is available in both men’s and women’s models. Find out more at specialized.com.

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