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Got cold feet? Try on a pair of foot-warming K2 Spyne Heat ski boots

Let’s face it — skiing is a cold-weather sport and the colder days typically mean better quality snow. We’ve all gotten chilled while waiting in a long chairlift line or as we’re assailed by turbulent winds during a suspended ride up the mountain. But the heat is all in your feet and the K2 Spyne 120 Heat ski boots allow you to say goodbye to frozen toes. 

If you typically run cold, you may have used boot heaters before, but most of them don’t fit well, only heat the bottom of your feet, and are made without the rigidity needed for high-end performance. The K2 Spyne 120 Heat offers a combination of temperature comfort and stiffness. The 120 model is made to bridge the gap between the 100 and 130 Performance Collection versions, engineered for the expert skier. The mid-stiff flex is provided by a Y-shaped insert in the back of the boot, which offers increased forward power and a bit of give on sharp turns.

Unlike third-party heaters, the Spyne heats your entire foot — from the tips of your toes up through your calf. K2 partnered with Thermic to produce the heat-moldable shell and liner. A button on the side of the liner allows you to choose between three different settings, with the lowest providing you 19 hours of heat. The batteries recharge via USB cord in about six hours, giving you more than enough time to recuperate even in the peak of ski season when you’re hitting the slopes from the first to last chair. 

This 360-degree provision of heat is unlike anything we have seen before directly built into ski boots, especially ones geared for such a high level of performance. The Spyne 120 Heat features a Powerfuse Spyne which provides for the reduction of lateral movement across terrain, energy interlock between the cuff and shell for a smoother flex, and Lux Fit Pro liners that combine heat-moldable and traditional foam. In addition, the boots are designed with a removable spoiler that can be adjusted, offering a lean angle between 12 and 14 degrees, as well as thermo plastic urethane hard shells.

The Spyne 120 Heat ski boots retail for $900. Check online or contact your local ski shop for more information.

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