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This tent is versatile enough for ground, air, and water

When we go shopping for a tent for use on camping trips, we typically look for ones that are spacious enough to be comfortable, light enough to transport easily, and built to provide good protection from the elements. The new Universe tent from Tentsile extends its versatility far beyond that, however, giving campers the ability to not just sleep comfortable on the ground, but hang from the trees like a hammock and float on water, too.

Billed as a “the three-element” tent, the Universe is large enough to sleep five adults comfortably and offer a six-foot ceiling, allowing many people to comfortably stand up inside. It reportedly provides 300 square feet of floor space and includes three large vestibule areas for stashing gear and supplies as well. As you would expect, the tent ships with a waterproof and UV-resistant rainfly and it features mesh netting to help keep the bugs at bay. It even has an inflatable and insulated floor that is akin to having a large built-in sleeping pad.

While all of those features are nice, what sets the Universe apart from other family tents is the versatility of the terrain — or the complete lack of it — that it can be used on.  As with traditional tents, the Universe can be set up at a campsite and serve as a shelter for a sizable group. Beyond that, it can also be attached to nearby trees using the included straps, turning it into a large hammock tent with an 880-pound weight capacity. And if that wasn’t enough, the inflatable floor allows the Universe to float on water, making it a great option for fishing, swimming, or just relaxing on a lake or pond. Tentsile is quick to point out that the Universe is not equipped for sleeping out on the water, so keep that in mind when using it in this mode.

Tentsile Universe - Welcome to our Universe

Tipping the scales at a little over 110 pounds, the Tentsile Universe isn’t built for backcountry excursions. That said, the company claims that it is designed for use in all four seasons, which means it works for winter camping, too, provided you’re not going north of the Arctic Circle. Tentsile estimates that it takes about 30 minutes to set up the tent, so be sure to keep that in mind when arriving at your campsite as well.

Priced at $1,800, the Universe isn’t an inexpensive purchase. But to help soften the blow, Tentsile is throwing in its UNA Tree Tent — a $250 value — for free for a limited time. You can find out more about this camping shelter on the Tentsile website.

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