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The Jetfoiler lets you skip across the sea in style, and even has cruise control

Jetfoiler in Fiji
Legendary Don Montague and his engineering team at Kai Concepts recently introduced the newest member of the motorized surfboard revolution — the Jetfoiler, which utilizes both an electric motor and a hydrofoil for more efficient water-top cruising. 

Don and his comrades began designing hydrofoil test platforms at a wind power company called Makani Power that was founded in 2006. A decade later, the team members released the Airfoiler, essentially a kiteboard turned electric foiler. Kai Concepts is now announcing its most impressive feat yet — the Jetfoiler, an Airfoiler equipped with a quiet and clean electric motor for enhanced water toy performance. 

This newest invention serves as a training tool for the endeavoring kiteboarder while at the same time opens doors to an entirely new population of interested riders.

The innovative electric machine hardly makes a sound and leaves no wake in its path. The Jetfoiler combines the best of both electric and hydrofoil worlds, incorporating a motor directly onto the hydrofoil of the surfboard. A remote control running from the board to your hand serves as the primary control mechanism, allowing you to adjust speed and direction.

The Jetfoiler’s most impressive feature is its optional cruise control, which kicks in once a rider reaches a certain speed. The machine allows the user to lean back onto the board and just enjoy a smooth, revolutionary trip across the surface of the water.

The Jetfoiler board and foil are equally lightweight and strong, constructed from the same materials used in designing high-end race boats. Minimal drag ensures the most efficient use of the equipped electric motor while remaining energy efficient.

“The Jetfoiler allows riders of varying ages and abilities to discover the power and thrill of gliding above the surface of the water,” Kai Concepts states on its website, where you can learn more about the product, which is now available for purchase.

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